Are We More Violent Because Of Climate Change?

The effects and consequences of climate change are widely known. However, there may be lesser effects that are not widely considered. For example, could it be that climate change could also be making us more violent? That’s the question posed by Craig Anderson at Iowa State University, who conducted a study that says that extreme heat tends to increase irritability and hostility, which are precursors of violence. In addition, a statistical analysis shows that regions with higher temperatures have a positive correlation with higher criminal acts.

Of course, heat is only one factor that could be altering human behavior, and climate change has multiple consequences. Natural disasters and economic instability that may result from climate change, for example, could cause people to modify their character.

According to Anderson, the most vulnerable group here is children. Bad living conditions and disorganization of families in times of climate change could have a major effect on children who do not have control over their lives to the same degree that adults do.

Speaking of climate change, Anderson stated “It is a global problem with very serious consequences. We need to plan ways to reduce negative impacts. The inadequate supply of food and economic disparity makes it difficult to raise healthy and productive citizens.”

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