Study Asks: What Athletes Will Suffer The Most In The 2020 Olympics?

Global warming is now resulting in higher and higher temperatures in our cities. And this does not just affect the physically weak: even the strongest among us, professional athletes, are affected by rising temperatures. Now, a new study published in Temperature by Taylor & Francis, is making predictions on what athletes will get the most UV solar radiation in the 2020 Olympics. According to their results, the following areas are at the highest risk:

  1. Women’s individual tennis players
  2. The gold medal for men’s golf
  3. The winner of the men’s cycling race

This is due to the hours that these events take place and their duration. The athletes above will have a major risk of sunburn, and a higher risk of skin cancer.

“The winner of the women’s individual tennis will have to compete in 6 rounds, many of which will be at noon,” explains Nathan Downs, leader of the study. “Golfers must also compete in four daytime rounds, and the winner of the men’s cycling race can also expect to be exposed to sunlight for at least 6 hours.”

Results showed that the duration and time of day that the events took place were the main factor in the exposure of UV rays. However, these are not the only factors: clothing also plays an important role. That is why women’s individual tennis players were deemed as a higher risk, as for mobility reasons they will wear fewer clothes than male golfers, for example.

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