People Tend To Keep Dating The Same Type Of Person, Study Says

Do you find that you tend to always be attracted to the same people? If so, this study will be of interest to you. New research by social psychologists at the University of Toronto, published in PNAS, shows that people tend to seek the same romantic partners over and over again.

“It’s common that when a relationship ends, people attribute the breakup to the personality of their former partner and decide that they need to date a different type of person,” says lead author Yoobin Park. “Our research suggests that there is a strong tendency to continue having a partner with a similar personality.”

The researchers examined the personalities of the current and past spouses of 332 people, and discovered that there was almost always a very significant consistency. “Our study was particularly rigorous because not only did we trust a person to remember the personalities of their various partners,” Park said, “we also contacted the ex-partners to define themselves.”

According to the researchers, these findings may offer new ways to keep up healthy and happy relationships. After all, if you are dating a person similar to your ex, what you learned in that relationship should be applicable to the new relationship. But there are downsides as well, of course: if you had issues with a certain type of person in the past, chances are good that you will still keep running into those issues.

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