Liars Are Not Always Disapproved Of

We can all agree that no-one likes liars. However, in certain professions, they tend to be more useful than in other professions. That is the conclusion that was reached by a study conducted by the University of Chicago, led by Emma Levine. This study, published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, identifies certain professions where liars are actually saught after – most notably sales.

In the study, it is revealed that bosses do not always disapproved of lying and deception. When it comes to sales, this is not too unsurprising: the ability to decieve like a psychopath may definitely come in handy when it comes to selling high ticket items.

The study conducted various experiments of interest where participants observed people who lied or acted honestly in various different situations, such as reporting their expenses after a business trip. The participants were then asked to judged how successful these people would be in different occupations.

The professions where liars were judged to be most successful in were banking, advertising and sales.

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