Studies Show That The Fashion Industry Has A Huge Impact On The Environment – But There Is Still Hope

Nowadays the fashion industry is booming, and more and more people seem to be trying harder to keep up with the latest fashion and continue to buy the latest clothes. But that comes at a cost: new research shows that the fashion industry is, astonishingly, the second most polluting global industry on the planet. According to the research, the fashion industry is responsible for around 10% of global CO2 emissions, 20% of the world’s industrial wastewater, 24% of insecticides and 11% of pesticides used.

But while the fashion industry has been a major source of pollution, one good piece of news here is that buyers seem to be more environmentally-conscious. For example, last year the Lyst fashion search engine tracked over one hundred million searches on its site and reported that there was a 47% rise in buyers looking for products that were produced ethically.

Studies also show that the vast majority of millennials value companies who carefully consider the environmental impact of their products. One such study was conducted by the World Consumer Confidence Survey, which found that around 5 in 6 (83%) of millennials do care about how environmentally friendly a company they do business with is. It is now hoped that given this trend, more and more companies will be carefully considering how to manufacture their products in a way that does less damage to the environment.

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