African Explorers 4,000 Years Ago May Have Been The First To Cross The Straight Of Gibraltar

For those unfamiliar, the Strait of Gibraltar is the natural border between Spain and Africa. Scientists are asking the question of when it was crossed for the first time, and interestingly, the answer could be from a study done by a team from the University of Ferrara. The results of their study suggest that it may have been done much earlier than we thought.

Before this, the consensus was that African genes had combined with people from Spain and Portugal after the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by the Islamic religion. In this study, however, the researchers did a deep analysis of DNA samples and dated them to be somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 years. These were then compared with other samples from South Africa, and there were many similarities between the samples.

Based on this study, could explorers have crossed the Strait of Gibraltar 4,000 years ago? The DNA evidence suggests that they may have, and we know that civilizations were already able to build sea-faring boats at this time. So it’s entirely within the realm of possibility.

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