Is Alex Sobel Loved or Hated? New Analysis (2019-10-16)

Our team has conducted some tiring research on Alex Sobel, current as of 2019-10-16. Alex Sobel is a politician in Leeds North West who can be contacted at Here’s their handsome photo:

Twitter activity: As of 2019-10-16, Alex Sobel (@alexsobel) has 15118 Twitter followers, is following 3958 people, has tweeted 44496 times and has liked 4317 tweets.

Facebook activity: As of 2019-10-16, Alex Sobel does not appear to have a Facebook account.

How popular is Alex Sobel right now? On Google Trends Alex Sobel had a popularity ranking of 0 ten days ago, 38 nine days ago, 0 eight days ago, 0 seven days ago, 34 six days ago, 67 five days ago, 33 four days ago, 0 three days ago, 0 two days ago, 0 one day ago and now has a popularity rank of 38. So in the recent past, they were gathering the most attention on 2019-10-09 when they had a rank of 67. If we compare Alex Sobel’s popularity to three months ago, they had an average popularity of 14.6, whereas now their average popularity over the last ten days is 21.0. so by that measure, Alex Sobel is getting more popular! But in any case Alex Sobel can’t be considered an extremely popular person, at least as of 2019-10-16, since they have a rank of 0 on at least 1 day.

And what about how Alex Sobel has fared if we consider the entire past 3 months? Our date indicates 2019-09-04 to be their most popular day, when they had a relative rank of 100. Not bad!

We found suggested searches for people looking up Alex Sobel include Alex Sobel (duh…), Leeds North West and Greg Mulholland.

As of 2019-10-16 and our research indicates that people searching for Alex Sobel are also searching for these related terms: alex sobel mp.

We did some more major analysis today on the web sentiment regarding Alex Sobel, and found a number of recent news articles about them. I may update this post when I have analyzed more of them.

Do you have anything you’d like to share on Alex Sobel as of 2019-10-16? Let us know in the comments! (And keep it civil)

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