3 Texas Cities Are Among The Least Dependable For Relationships Nationwide

Despite the fact that people may be moving to Texas, a recent study cautions that it may be difficult to find a partner who wants to be with you and you alone. According to a research from MyDatingAdvisor.com, three Texas communities are among the top ones in the nation for people who cheat on their partners.

Not only are Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston among the top 10 unfaithful cities, but they also take the number 1, 2, and 3 slots on the list.

Based on a scoring methodology developed by MyDatingAdvisor.com, an unfaithful index was built using 100-point ratings for relationship happiness, life satisfaction, infidelity intent, and affair behaviors. On a scale of 100, the website also examined the “affairs” search trend on Google.

Dallas tops the ranking with a 47% marriage rate, a 12% divorce rate, and a 2% separation rate. Dallas’s Google trend score for the term “affairs” is 32.85.

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The Alamo City was included as No. 64 on the list of disloyal cities, although no specific statistics were given for San Antonio. San Antonio is still classified as a “Unfaithful” city, nonetheless.

Laredo and McAllen, two further Texas cities, are ranked Nos. 5 and 9 on the list of the ten most devoted cities in the country. The cities had higher marriage and happiness index rates and a lower Google trends score for “affairs.”

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