A 75-year-old Georgia Woman Sold Her Home To Pay $100k To A Facebook Romance Fraudster

A 75-year-old woman lost almost $100,000 after reporting to authorities that a man she met on Facebook conned her out of her money.

The woman informed the Athens-Clarke County Police Department on April 18 that she had been corresponding with a man via Facebook since March who had been requesting payment. The woman claimed that as her relationship with a man deepened, he began to pressurize her for cash.

According to a police complaint, the woman sent the man about $95,000 after he informed her that he required the money in cash.

The individual requested money and specified that he required it in cash and only in cash.

The woman claimed that the man demanded so much money that she even sold her home to provide him the money he required.

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The woman claimed to have used FedEx and UPS to deliver all of this money to a location in Ralston, Nebraska.

Uncertainty exists on whether police have named any suspects in this incident.

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