A Former Lewiston Police Officer Has Been Found Guilty Of Official Misconduct

According to Niagara County District Attorney Brian D. Seaman, a former police officer who was found doing double duty at the Lewiston and Youngstown police departments entered a guilty plea to official misconduct on Wednesday.

James F. Ullery entered a plea of guilty to a solitary misdemeanor charge, and Porter Town Justice David Truesdale granted Ullery a conditional discharge as long as he no longer serves as a police officer. Ullery was also made to pay a $250 fine and $4,069.80 in restitution to the Village of Youngstown.

A three-year investigation by the New York State Police revealed that Ullery frequently logged in at Youngstown while working as a Town of Lewiston police officer and received pay from both agencies for the same hours.

There is a small police force in the Village of Youngstown, and officers frequently operate alone. The Village had confidence in Officer Ullery to accurately report his time on duty, according to Seaman.

Sadly, he abused this trust and received pay from Youngstown for time when he was actually employed by and receiving pay from the Town of Lewiston Police Department.

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