A Man From Oregon Dumped $200,000 On A Highway In Order To “Bless Others,” But Family Members Claim He Emptied A Joint Bank Account

A man from Oregon threw thousands of dollars in cash out the window of his car while driving down the highway, but his family members were furious because they said he had stolen their money and left them with nothing.

According to an OSP statement to Fox News Digital, the Oregon State Police (OSP) and local authorities received numerous phone complaints about money “floating” along Interstate 5 in Eugene, Oregon, at around 7:23 p.m. on Tuesday.

Callers stated that several cars had stopped along the road, in both the northbound and southbound lanes, while someone started gathering loose money, allegedly $100 bills.

The OCP claimed to have located the culprit quickly: Colin Davis McCarthy, who informed authorities that he intended to “bless others with gifts of money.”

Because automobiles were being recklessly pulled off the busy highway and people were getting out of their cars to look for cash, the troopers urged McCarthy to cease tossing the riches out of his car’s window because it was creating a serious traffic hazard.

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According to authorities, McCarthy cooperated and consented to cease throwing C-notes onto the road.

McCarthy claimed to have given away about $200,000 during the incident, but the OCP claimed that it was impossible to verify exactly how much he gave the fortunate drivers.

McCarthy’s family wasn’t very happy, but those who happened to be around when cash started falling down on I-5 were ecstatic.

OSP reported that they later spoke with a McCarthy related to local TV station KEZI 9.

Although the cousin claimed it was McCarthy’s usual practice, the relative also claimed McCarthy got the money by draining his family’s joint accounts, according to the troopers.

According to OSP Lt. Jim Andrews, “because it’s shared, they both have equal interests in the money.” “You would definitely want to open a secondary bank account and then take out a portion of the money that you believe is rightfully yours in order to prevent something like that happening if you were estranged,” says the expert.

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