A Pope County Deputy Who Was Shot And Died Has Been Identified, And Another Deputy And Police Were Injured By Gunfire Saturday Night

The Pope County deputy who was shot and died on Saturday night has been named by a number of different law enforcement organizations.

Deputy Josh Owen, who had been working on the day of his 44th birthday and was transported to the hospital in severe condition, passed away shortly after arriving there.

The authorities have stated that additional details will be provided during a press conference that will take place on Sunday at 1 pm.

It was confirmed through social media by the Savage Police Department, the Inver Grove Heights Police Department, and other law enforcement organizations that Josh Owen was the deputy that was murdered.

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The other deputy who was wounded by gunshot has been named as Deputy Brody Merrill, who is Owen’s partner. This information was provided by an ABC station called WDAY.

“Brody is ok physically, he’s hurt but going to be ok, but he’s devastated,” said the statement released by Merrill’s family after the incident. Tonight, one of his closest pals passed away.

It has not yet been made public what police officer from Starbucks was hurt during the incident.

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