A Terrifying Video Captures The Moment An Atlanta Active Shooter Suspect Was Detained In Cobb County

An alleged gunman accused of a deadly mass shooting at a midtown medical office is seen in new footage handing himself in to Cobb County police.

Around noon on Wednesday, Deion Patterson, 24, allegedly opened fire at a Northside Hospital facility on West Peachtree Street, killing one woman and injuring four others.

Amy St. Pierre, age 39, has been identified as the deceased woman. Later, in Cobb County, Patterson was apprehended in front of an apartment building.

Patterson is shown in a new video that Channel 2’s Cobb County Bureau Chief Michele Newell obtained kneeling on the grass with his back to police. Before the police swarmed and handcuffed him, he slowly lowered himself to the ground while placing his hands over his head.

In an interview with Larry Spruill of Channel 2, a woman claimed to have a hunch and asked police to examine the poolhouse at her apartment complex.

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She described the shower space as having no windows or anything. It was simply the ideal place to hide.

She claimed that police flocked to the location shortly after giving them the information.

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