A Texas Guy Tracks And Kills A Truck Thief Using An Apple AirTag

According to San Antonio police, an investigation is ongoing after a man was slain after allegedly stealing a truck.

The shooting took place on Wednesday at a shopping area on the southeast part of San Antonio, according to police, and the owner of the truck allegedly used an Apple AirTag to find the alleged thief.

About 1 p.m., according to police, a report of a stolen car came in from a north San Antonio residence. The truck’s owner used the AirTag to locate it, but instead of calling the police, he made the decision to handle things himself.

Once it was initially taken, the truck’s owner apparently found it roughly 20 miles away. According to the police, the man shot and killed the alleged thief, who was unaware that he was being followed.

Police are currently attempting to ascertain whether the individual was armed. Also, they advised victims of these crimes not to go after suspects on their own.

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Please don’t take matters into your own hands like this, SAPD’s Nick Soliz said if you were to have your car stolen. You can see from this episode that nothing is truly safe.

Two cars in the parking lot had their windows blasted out, and several shell casings were marked with evidence markers at the site. The shooter may or may not face charges, according to police.

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