According To Court Documents, Nima Momeni Is Accused Of Killing Cash App Founder Bob Lee In A Dispute Over A Sister

According to fresh court records revealed on Friday, IT consultant Nima Momeni fatally stabbed CashApp founder Bob Lee in the heart after the two argued about the suspect’s sister and whether they were acting in a “inappropriate” manner.

Before Lee was assassinated in the early hours of April 4 in San Francisco, according to police, Momeni and the dead tech entrepreneur spoke on the phone about his sister, Khazar Momeni, who was married to someone else.

Police were informed by an alleged witness that Nima interrogated Lee about his sister, Khazar, asking if she was “doing drugs or anything inappropriate.” Khazar is married to a well-known plastic surgeon.

Lee, 43, persuaded the man he was allegedly murdering that nothing improper had taken place.

The relationship between Lee and Khazar, who was not identified in the court filings, was not further discussed by the police.

The witness informed the authorities that they were unsure whether Lee and Khazar had a “intimate relationship.”

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At the time of his murder, Lee had recently moved from California to Florida with his father. He was also estranged from his wife, with whom he shared two young kids.

The prosecution papers claim that on that fatal night, Nima took Lee to a “dark and secluded area” in San Francisco and used a kitchen knife to stab him through the heart.

According to authorities, Khazar brought the knife from his house, proving that the murder was “planned and deliberate.”

Around the time of Lee’s murder, according to the records, Khazar texted Lee to see how he was doing.

I know that Nima hit you quite hard, so I just wanted to make sure you’re doing okay, she wrote.

And thank you for handling it in such a gentlemanly manner. I adore you selfish jerks.

After a thorough investigation, Nima was detained on Thursday morning. His sister and her husband were there when he made his court debut on Friday. She gave him a love sign in return as he flashed it to her from the dock. Nima will be formally charged on April 25. If found guilty, he may spend more than 20 years in jail.

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