According To Usa Today’s Ad Meter, These Are The Top Three Super Bowl Lvi Commercials

While the Rams and Bengals put on a show on the field during Super Bowl LVI, the new commercials that were launched during the game were also a highlight.

It was no simple undertaking for organizations looking to make a splash during the big game to secure an ad time. Multiple 30-second spots for this year’s game sold for over $7 million per slot, according to Front Office Sports.

That price is undeniably high, but it can pay off if an ad is successful in capturing the attention of viewers at home. The days following the Super Bowl are frequently filled with discussion about whose commercials stole the show.

So, which commercials from Super Bowl LVI were the best? The ad meter at USA Today is one approach to gauge success.

On Sunday, 150,000 panelists from USA Today weighed in on the discourse surrounding the commercials for the 34th year. With 64 new ads to pick from, USA Today narrowed down its final list to the top ten.

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