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Adam Carolla Divorce: Why Did He Split Up With Lynette Paradise?

Adam Carolla Divorce

Adam Carolla Divorce

If you listen to podcasts, you’re likely familiar with Adam Carolla. He is the host of The Adam Carolla Show, the most popular podcast. The American podcaster has a reputation for having excellent comic timing. Adam nailed everything, whether it was radio, TV, movies, or books.

But in 2021, his personal life took a terrible turn. In that year, Carolla and his wife Lynette Paradise divorced. Everyone was indeed shocked by it. They were together for more than a decade.

What went wrong between them all of a sudden? What caused their breakup, and why? Find out everything you can.

Adam Carolla Divorce

Before being married in September 2002, Carolla and Lynette dated for six years. The couple welcomed twins Natalia and Santino in June 2006. It seems like the ideal small family. Not everything was as good as it seemed.

Carolla revealed his divorce on The Adam Carolla Show in May 2021. Due to their parents’ divorce and the resulting upheaval in their childhoods, it was difficult for him and his girlfriend. They attempted to reconcile their issues but failed. According to Carolla, COVID or infidelity were not the causes of his divorce.

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A compatibility problem existed. Carolla and Lynnette had various approaches, thought processes, and philosophies. The couple made the decision to part ways amicably as a result. Divorce was a failure for Carolla.

In fact, he felt ashamed to discuss it in public. But he conceded that it improved his quality of life. The children will always be his top focus, he continued.

Who is Adam Carolla Dating After The Divorce?

According to rumors, Adam Carolla is dating stand-up comic Crystal Marie Denha. The television personality, 38, was conceived on February 14, 1984. She has made appearances on The Yo Show and What The F Facts. The diva has also collaborated with Fox News and ESPN.

Prior reports connected her to Ronnie Fassist and Jamie Kennedy. After being divorced for 18 months, Adam finally discovered love with Crystal Denha. They have been dating for a while now. We hope the best for them.

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