After Losing His Appeal, Real Estate Investor And Alleged Paxton Corruption Participant Nate Paul Was Sentenced To Prison Again

After losing an appeal in a fraud case involving a nonprofit, Nate Paul, the Austin real estate developer at the center of claims of criminal behavior by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, was once more sentenced to prison.

Paul tried to have a lower court’s decision to have him spend 10 days in jail overturned, but his appeal was rejected on Friday by Austin’s 3rd Court of Appeals.

For lying in district court regarding money transfers he made that went beyond a spending cap imposed by the court, the judgment placed him in contempt of court.

Although the appeals court agreed with Paul that some violations of the injunction should be removed, it upheld the lower court’s finding of contempt of court and remanded the matter back to the district court for further proceedings.

In a few hours, Texas District Judge Jan Soifer in Austin revised her original order, accusing Paul of six rather than eight legal infractions and directing him to appear at the Travis County Prison by 10 a.m. on April 10 to serve ten days in jail.

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The Roy F. & Joann Cole Mitte Foundation, an Austin-based nonprofit, sued Paul for fraud after he refused to provide financial disclosures about endowment money the foundation had invested in his enterprises. As a result, Paul was hit with the court-ordered sanctions.

In a statement, Ray Chester, an attorney for the Mitte Foundation, stated that his clients were “gratified” by the court’s decision. The decision came after the organization attempted to collect the $2 million it had earned in a legal battle with Paul.

Ultimately, Chester concluded, “Mr. Paul will receive part of the justice he deserves.”

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