Amber Lancaster Divorce: Is She Dating Anyone In 2023?

Amber Lancaster is an American actor, model, and interior designer. She is well recognized for her role as Jenny Swanson in the MTV series The Hard Times of RJ Berger. When Amber appeared as a model on The Price Is Right, she attracted a lot of attention as well.

People are curious about her personal life, so in this post, we’ll talk about Amber Lancaster’s divorce and her current romantic relationships.

Amber Lancaster Divorce

Actor Justin Gaston and his wife, Melissa Ordway Gaston, who were friends with both of them, introduced Amber Lancaster to A.J. Allodi. After getting to know one other, they dated for more than ten months.

On October 21, 2016, they exchanged vows. The pair decided to be married after being engaged for a year. They were formally referred to as husband and wife when they later got married on October 7, 2017, in Palm Springs, California, USA.

Amber Lancaster Divorce

On August 3, 2019, Lancaster and Allodi had their first child. Russell Levi is the name of their kid. Russel was born two months early because his mother, Amber, had preeclampsia. Lancaster experienced numerous issues with her first pregnancy, necessitating the removal of a portion of her uterus. She had her uterus removed, making it impossible for her to become pregnant.

The likelihood of becoming pregnant immediately decreases after a hysterectomy, and it can also be risky and even fatal for mothers.

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The couple chose to get a divorce after having a child and sharing a home for some time. They stated that they would divorce in September 2020.

Who Is Amber Lancaster Dating In 2023?

The actress and his man’s relationship is known to the public. She has reportedly been seeing Shane Mouser, according to speculations.

The particular day they started dating is not specified. She certainly seems to be enjoying herself well with her close-knit group of friends.

Her followers have, however, concluded that the couple has split up since they removed their images together. We cannot accept the rumor, nevertheless, given neither party has made any public statements regarding this topic.

Her second pregnancy has also been the subject of numerous rumors, but the actress hasn’t verified them or made them public.

After a predetermined amount of time had passed since the birth of their son, Allodi and Lancaster were formally divorced. As of right moment, no one has been found dating or getting married to the actress.

However, a few of the entries show that Lancaster and Allodi are evenly sharing custody of the children. On Instagram, her ex-husband posts lovely images of his kids.

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