Andre Rison Net Worth 2023: With Whom Is He Married?

American wide receiver Andre “Bad Moon” Rison is a former NFL player. Andre Rison participated in professional football for the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, and Toronto Argonauts in the NFL and Canadian Football League, respectively.

Andre Rison Net Worth 2023

Andre Rison Net Worth $250 Thousand currently. Unfortunately, Andre Rison is one of the most well-known athletes to have lost all of their money after retiring. Andre Rison made nearly $20 million in salary and endorsements during the course of his playing career.

Andre Rison Net Worth 2023

Unfortunately, Andre Rison found himself broke after years of living beyond his means. Rison would frequently travel with an entourage of 40–50 people at the height of his fame, just one example of his extravagant expenditures.

In addition, Andre Rison is well-known for having dated the late singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, a member of the TLC musical group. Famously, Lopes set Rison’s $800,000 Atlanta mansion on fire in 1994. From 1993 through 2001, the year before Lisa’s untimely passing, Andre dated Lisa.

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Andre Rison Personal Life

Because of his conduct away from the football field, Rison got the moniker “Bad Moon” Rison. Chris Berman, an ESPN sportscaster, came up with the name in reference to the Creedence Clearwater Revival song “Bad Moon Rising”. During his three seasons in Kansas City, he also adopted the moniker “Spider-Man”.

He got his nickname because, after scoring a touchdown, he would pretend to shoot a web like Spider-Man.

Hunter Rison, the son of Rison, played football like his father before him. Hunter was a wide receiver for Michigan State University in 2017 as a true freshman. Later, in 2018, he changed schools to Kansas State University.

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