How to Watch Andrew Schulz Infamous Special Online?

How to Watch Andrew Schulz Infamous Special Online? Comedian Andrew Schulz has revealed that he will be releasing a fresh new stand-up comedy special titled Infamous on July 17, 2022, at 9:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) and 6:00 pm Pacific Time (PT). The show will premiere exclusively on the premium social live media platform Moment House. During Schulz’s “Infamous Tour,” a 10-month tour across North America that was completely sold out, the special was shot in September of last year at The Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas.

There, he performed for more than 150,000 people. At this time, visitors to the website can purchase tickets to see the Moment. Fans have the opportunity to purchase seats to a live after party for an extra cost. During this event, Schulz will engage with fans while broadcasting from his podcast studio.

Schulz was born and raised in New York City, and he is best known for the delightfully unabashed opinions he takes on topics, as well as the harsh, off-the-cuff exchanges he has with audiences. Absolutely nothing is off-limits, from politics to culture to race, and everything is discussed without any kind of filter.

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In order to provide one-of-a-kind digital experiences, Moment House has attracted an interesting slate of creators, including Andrew Schulz, who has now joined that roster. The platform has worked with a wide variety of artists and creators, including Justin Bieber, Tame Impala, Halsey, KSI, JackSepticeye, Whitney Cummings, and Molly Baz, as well as podcasts such as Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, Tiny Meat Gang, Last Podcast on the Left, and more. These artists and creators come from a variety of fields, including music, comedy, podcasting, cooking, and more.

About Andrew Schulz

Andrew Schulz is a stand-up comedian and podcaster who was born and raised in New York and currently tours abroad. He is recognized for his raw and funny brand of humor. Andrew has just finished his North American “Infamous Tour,” which lasted for ten months and was completely sold out. He did this by selling out Radio City Music Hall’s 6,000+ seats twice in one night. In addition to the more than 150,000 fans that attended the tour, Schulz’s stand-up and podcast content receive a combined 12 million views PER WEEK across the platforms of YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Andrew fundamentally altered the way in which comedic content is disseminated. His technique of distributing snippets of his stand-up performances across several social media platforms, in addition to the release of his stand-up specials on YouTube, has set a new standard for comedians all over the world.

A comedy for Netflix starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy, directed by Kenya Barris, will shortly feature him, as will the planned remake of “White Men Can’t Jump” on Hulu, which will star Jack Harlow. Both of these films will be released in the near future.

Andrew finished up a crazy and eventful 2020 by developing and acting in “Schulz Saves America,” a four-part special on Netflix that tackled the most contentious issues of the year in a manner that was boldly raw and irreverent. His weekly rants on Turn Your Phone, which became increasingly popular throughout the pandemic, served as the impetus for the show.

Andrew Schulz Infamous
Andrew Schulz Infamous

Within the domain of podcasts, Schulz’s immensely popular show, Flagrant, is listened to by over 2 million devoted listeners on a weekly basis. In addition to that, he is a co-host on the show Brilliant Idiots alongside the well-known radio and television personality Charlamagne Tha God.

In the past, Schulz has starred in the sitcom ‘Benders,’ and he can currently be seen in ‘Sneaky Pete,’ which airs on Amazon, ‘Crashing,’ which airs on HBO, and ‘Guy Code,’ and ‘Girl Code,’ which air on MTV.

Andrew’s humor and innovative releasing techniques have moved millions of people all around the world and propelled him to the forefront of celebrity.

Schulz does not shy away from discussing any topic, be it cultural, racial, or political. Fans compete with one another to get seats in the front rows of his gigs so they can witness the brutal and expert crowd work that he performs. His crowds are among the most diversified of any active comedian’s audiences. At his shows, there is just one rule, and that is that everyone understands these gags.

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