The Founding Member of Depeche Mode, Andy Fletcher’s Cause of Death

Only fake rock stars die. Their legacy lives on through their songs. Even though this was the case, rock, and roll had a hard time in May 2022.

Alan White, the drummer for the band Yes, died on Thursday, May 26. He was 72 years old. The world-famous electronic band Depeche Mode also lost a founder member on the same day.

Andy Fletcher, the keyboardist for Depeche Mode, was born in Nottingham, England. His work in rock music has influenced a whole group of artists. Andy, who worked in entertainment for decades, has died at 60, it has been revealed. What caused him to die?

Andy Fletcher Cause of Death

Someone close to the band told AP News that Andy “died Thursday from natural causes at his home.” As far as the world knew, the musician was in good health, except that he broke his wrist in April.

In the late 1970s, he and his friends Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, and Vince Clarke became well-known. Their music inspired a lot of artists, such as Marilyn Manson and Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, but not just those two.

Andy said that the key to Depeche Mode’s success was that they stayed “outside of the mainstream.” In 2017, he told The Skinny, “We think our music is quite melodic – it’s not just a noise.”

“We’ve never really gone for the tabloid press, and that’s another Mute thing,” Andy explained. “We’ve always tried to avoid the tabloids.”

Rolling Stone said that the band made heavy metal what it is today because of how they used electronic instruments.

“The big cult of celebrity — we’re musicians in one of the top bands in the world, but we’re not celebrities — that’s the important thing. We lead totally normal lives. I go to the pub, I go to the cinema, and I don’t get any hassle,” the rockstar added.

Here is a tweet confirms the news:

Did Andy Fletcher Have a Wife?

Did Andy Fletcher Have a Wife 

Andy and Gráinne Mullan had been together for five years before they got married in 1993. They had two children together, Megan and Joe. Photos on Instagram show that the four people in the family were close and often went on trips together.

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