Are Amber and Barnett Still Together 2022: or the Couple Broke Up?

Are Amber and Barnett Still Together 2022: Going strong! The Love Is Blind couple Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, who appeared in the first season of the Netflix dating show Love Is Blind, are still very much in love and have been married for a long time. Judging by the content of their Instagram pages, the Love Is Blind couple is a pair of intrepid travelers.

Despite the fact that the couple isn’t as active on social media as they once were, their Instagram sites are packed with photographs of them traveling and enjoying their never-ending honeymoon period. They cite the fact that doing so is “exhausting” as the reason for their decreased activity on social media. Keep reading to find out more about the most recent events that have taken place in Amber and Matt’s marriage!

Are Amber and Barnett Still Together 2022

Both Pike and Barnett got off to a rough start to their respective seasons. In the beginning, Barnett flirted with contestant Jessica Batten while they were in the pods. Later on, the couple struggled through challenging conversations about their financial situation. They were able to work through their issues and finally get married during Season 1.

The reality stars disclosed that they had purchased a home in September 2021 during a question and answer session that took place in January 2022 and was broadcast live on Instagram. They did not reveal the location, but they did indicate that the home is their “project,” and they stated their ambition to acquire another real estate in the near future. Although they did not divulge the location, they did declare that the property is their “project.”

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Amber Pike Biography

Amber Pike was born April 3, 1992. She was a Love is Blind participant. She became famous on this show and continues to do so. Pike has several social media followers and supporters. Fans often try to find out who Pike “truly” is despite her reality TV appearances. We have all you need to know about your favorite if you’re one of them!

Augusta, Georgia, is Amber Pike’s hometown. Caucasian American. Pike has a younger sister, Rebecca Lynn, but no parents. Pike, an Aries, is lively, independent, and free-spirited. Her magnetism is a breath of fresh air, and fans can visualize her as a human-sized burning candle. “Love is Blind” on Netflix made the actress famous. Netizens were interested in Pike’s first season of this show. Her on-screen personality and performance were lauded.

Are Amber and Barnett Still Together 2022
In an interview, Pike said she started working at 14. She won the 2017 Hooters Bikini Competition. Matt Barnett became Pike’s companion for her 2020 Netflix program. After a month of dating, Matt proposed. She said yes and they married.

Matt said Pike had the fire he needed. They’re happily married now. After becoming famous, Pike gained a tremendous social media following. Due to her big following, Pike also provides paid material for several businesses on social media.

Matt Barnett Biography

Reality television celebrity and social media sensation Matthew Barnett hails from the United States. Matthew Barnett’s wealth is estimated to be $2 million as of the year 2022. Both the reality series “Love Is Blind” (2020) and the talk program “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will feature his appearances in the future (2020).

Numerous honors have been bestowed upon him, the most notable of which are the AIA Young Architect awardee at the national level (2022) and the AIA North Carolina Young Architect awardee (2021).

As of the year 2022, Matthew Barnett will be 32 years old, having been born on the 23rd of October 1990. He came from a prosperous family that was originally from Georgia in the United States. He was born under the sign of the Scorpion, which is also his nationality: the United States of America.

Did Amber and Matt Get Married On ‘Love Is Blind’?

They were one of two couples to get married on the inaugural season of Love Is Blind, the other being fan favorites Lauren and Cameron Hamilton.

Even though Jessica Batten, another cast member, had a long-lasting crush on Matt, she and Matt were able to work through their issues and remain together. She made an effort to get along with Amber, but her attention was always on Matt.

It was gold for reality TV when Amber confronted Jessica about her improper statements to Matt during the reunion. Amber told Jessica, “Bitch, you’re shiesty.” I can’t believe you’re talking to me like we’ve always been friends. It’s so obvious that you’re faking it that you’re

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