Are Angela and Michael Still Together in 2023: Where Are the Couple Now?

Angela and Michael were a couple who, before leaving the 90 Days Fiance show, had professed their wish to wed one another and had made a promise to do so. During the show, Angela and Michael underwent a series of challenges designed to test their relationship. At this point, you might wonder if Angela and Michael are still together in 2023.

This thought has probably crossed your mind. If that’s the case, then it’s pretty standard. This article investigates whether Angela and Michael are still together in the year 2023 and discusses the state of their relationship now.

Are Angela and Michael Still Together in 2023?

As a direct consequence of her rage, Angela takes the caution flags at face value and causes Michael’s car to crash as a direct result of his refusal to see her. Despite the many challenges that they faced together during their relationship, they were able to persevere and remain together. In the eyes of the media, the fact that the two were infamous for having trust issues and always arguing made them appear feeble and vulnerable.

In the most recent episode, number 9, it was discovered that Michael did not react well, which prompted her to lose her patience; she even stated, “I love you, but you will not f—ing take me for granted.” During the talk, it becomes evident that “she and Michael are still together and are waiting on his visa.”  Michael Can be found on Instagram as @ilesanmi_k_michael_

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When Did Angela and Michael Get Married?

This married couple has been together for two years, and they are currently waiting for Michael to receive his visa so that they can move to the United States. The ceremony occurred in January 2020 in Michael’s native Nigeria, where the wedding reception was held. Angela took the initiative to file for Micahel’s visa as soon as they returned to their home state of Georgia, where she was born and raised.

On the other hand, she admitted in the most recent episode that she would become irrationally angry once more if she discovered that Michael had cheated on her in any way, shape, or form. This discussed the possibility that she would find out that Michael had cheated on her in any way, shape, or form.

Are Angela and Michael Still Together in 2023

Even though they are married at this point, it would appear that the couple’s relationship is occasionally on-and-off even though they are already married.

Where Are Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem Now

The couple Angela and Michael have confirmed that they are still together, and viewers of the show 90 Day Fiancé have found their location. Angela Deem posted all her updates on her Instagram account @deemangela. It was recently heard that Michael might have been observed at the Atlanta airport, and it was found out that his application for a visa to enter the United States had been approved early on in this year.

The fact that Angela and Michael are currently in Nigeria lends credence to the idea that these charges do not have a basis in reality. This week, the couple was seen going grocery shopping in Nigeria; Angela gave the impression that she was on vacation in Michael’s home country rather than living with her spouse permanently in Nigeria.

Consequently, Angela and Michael may get back together, but they will likely continue to have a long-distance relationship. Fans of the show 90 Days to a Husband are now in the dark regarding Michael’s visa status and why he is not in the United States as planned.

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