Are Austen And Olivia Still Dating? Are They Together From So Long?

Are Austen And Olivia Still Dating? Are They Together From So Long? Austen Kroll, the founder of Trop Hop, has had his share of romantic turmoil since Season 4 of Southern Charm when he was initially introduced to fans of the show.

After his relationship with ex-costar Chelsea Meissner ended peacefully, Austen moved on to a string of complicated relationships with a number of other Bravolebrities.

The dynamics of his relationships with Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller were the focus of both Winter House and Summer House, while his split with Madison LeCroy was a major plot point in Southern Charm’s seventh season. In Season 8 of the Bravo original, Austen has moved on to someone completely new.

Season 8’s teaser trailer shows Austen sharing a passionate kiss with new cast member Olivia Flowers. You’ll have to watch the show to find out what brought Olivia and Austen together and how their romance blossomed. And fans could be wondering if they’re dating or just friends.

Keep reading to learn more about Austen’s thoughts on his time spent with Olivia.

After Season 8 Of ‘southern Charm,’ Did Austen And Olivia Break Up Or Stay Together?

As early as before her official casting on Southern Charm Season 8, fans had assumed that Austen and Olivia were an item. In December of 2021, their co-star Taylor Ann Green posted an Instagram selfie of the two of them together, which immediately began to trend online. Pictured here are Taylor and her boyfriend, Shep Rose, together with their friends Olivia and Austen, posing in front of a step and repeat at a release party for a new Trop Hop album.

Taylor posted again about her trip to Napa Valley with Shep, Austen, and Olivia fewer than five months later. Olivia and Austen’s handholding appeared in at least one photo.

The two groups of four people looked like they were on a group vacation.

To Us Weekly, Austen announced his relationship with Olivia in May 2022, just in time for the NBCUniversal upfront presentation. He went on to say that they had been friends for about a year and a half before developing romantic feelings for one another, revealing that he had met her roughly a year and a half earlier.

Austen dropped a hint regarding how much of their connection would be seen on the show, saying, “You will absolutely see where it begins, then how it ends.” And when I try to make sense of it, there are ups and downs.

Later, Us Weekly reported that Shep had informed the publication that the foursome’s trips went smoothly since Olivia and Taylor get along well.

Shep declared his enthusiasm for Austen’s new flame by saying, “I adore it.” “My girlfriend Taylor is a huge Olivia fan. We’re all going to Napa, and we’re all going to act like idiots, and then the girls can talk about how much they love us despite our idiocy.”

Who Is Olivia Flowers, Anyway
Who Is Olivia Flowers, Anyway

Who Is Olivia Flowers, Anyway? Welcome To Season 8 Of ‘southern Charm,’ Starring

Southern Charm may be Olivia’s first TV appearance, but she is no stranger to the small screen. The 30-year-old was featured in an episode of Teen Cribs in 2009.

The photographer spent her childhood between Charleston and Dallas, Texas (where she grew up and where she shot the Teen Cribs episode). Olivia Flowers’ father, Garry Flowers, was the EVP of Fluor Corporation, an engineering and construction firm, therefore the family moved around a lot.

She earned her degree from Clemson University and then moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in modeling.

Olivia returned to Charleston to be with family in advance of the pandemic lockdowns, and she hasn’t left the area since.

On Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET, Bravo premieres brand new episodes of Southern Charm.

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