Are Caleb and Maddie Still Together: When Did Maddie and Caleb First Meet?

In 2018, Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee, both contestants on American Idol, met each other for the first time on the show and soon after began a romantic relationship with one another. The question is “Are Caleb and Maddie Still Together” or Not? Despite losing to Maddie in the final episode of season 16, Caleb did not walk away from the competition empty-handed.

He was awarded several prizes for his efforts. The two people have not been bashful about expressing their feelings for one another since they made it public that they were in a relationship. Is it true that Maddie and CaleAre Caleb and Maddie Still Together have not ended their relationship with each other?

Are Caleb and Maddie Still Together?

Yes, Maddie and Caleb are still very much together and report feeling more love for one another than they ever have at any time in their relationship. The two contestants were seen interacting with one another in the most recent episode of the American Idol reunion show. They are very active on one another’s Instagram accounts and are frequently seen there.

For instance, Maddie wished Caleb a happy birthday in a silly Instagram post in March 2022. The post was published on Instagram. Following their appearance on the most recent episode of American Idol, Caleb posted a photo of himself and Maddie to his Instagram account along with a humorous caption that read, “I love you Maddie, and I promise never to propose on TV.” (I love you Maddie, and I promise never to propose on TV.)

In addition to that, he inserted the phrase “I promise.” The complete description of the couple’s character is given below. Find out more about “Who is Maddie Poppe” in the following paragraph.

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Who is Maddie Poppe?

American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Maddie Poppe. To most people, she will consistently be recognized as the winner of the sixteenth season of the hit TV singing competition series American Idol. She performed so well on American Idol that she was awarded two prestigious prizes in 2018: the People’s Choice Award and the Talent Recap Fan Choice Award.

After winning the reality TV series, Poppe’s first studio album, “Whirlwind,” was published by “Hollywood Records” on May 17, 2019. Many tracks were included on the album, with “Made You Miss” reaching the top 30 on the “US Adult Pop” chart. Maddie Poppe is multi-talented, with skills not limited to her enchanting voice. As a result, she has gained a sizable following on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Are Caleb and Maddie Still Together

In just over a year, she has amassed over 65,000 subscribers to her self-titled YouTube channel. Because of her widespread appeal, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds proclaimed May 20 as “Maddie Poppe Day.” After reading Maddie Poppe’s biography, people are interested in Caleb Hutchinson’s background. More is provided in the following paragraphs

Who is Caleb Hutchinson?

American singer and composer Caleb Lee Hutchinson was born on March 2, 1999. He placed second on American Idol Season 16. He was the son of William and Piper Hutchinson, and he was born in Dallas, Georgia. Tyler, his brother, exists. At age 12, he picked up a guitar and graduated from South Paulding High School in 2017.

Hutchinson, then 16 years old, auditioned for the ninth season of The Voice in 2015, performing “The Dance.” Still, none of the four celebrity judges (Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton) turned their chairs.

When Did Maddie and Caleb First Meet?

Season 16 of American Idol was the first time Maddie and Caleb met. In May 2018, Maddie was voted the winner of American Idol, beating out Caleb in the finals. After spending out with Caleb since Hollywood Week, Maddie told HollywoodLife and other reporters about their relationship.

I recall thinking, “I need him in my group for group rounds” because he stood out that day. Maddie claimed at the time, “We were in group rounds together, but they didn’t air the tape.” We’ve been friends first ever since. A connection was made, and we’ve been seeing each other for the past three months. Additionally, Caleb said, “I first saw her on January 21st. We haven’t spent any time apart since then.”

As guests on the HollywoodLife podcast, Maddie and Caleb subsequently stated that Maddie had approached Caleb during Hollywood Week to gush about his talent. He was “timid at first,” she said. Caleb elaborated, “She terrified me. She aroused my fear. I can’t explain it, but it was strange.

I didn’t watch American Idol in hopes of meeting a potential girlfriend. She strolled up to me out of the blue while I was sitting, standing, or conversing with a large group of people. What the heck is this? I thought. What is it that she’s trying to sell me?'”

Maddie Poppe And Caleb Hutchinson, Where Are They Now?

After their time on American Idol, Maddie and Caleb are recording and releasing new music. On April 29, Maddie disseminated her most recent single, “One That Got Away.” Secret Road Records was the label through which she released her music. Before this, in 2019, she was on tour opening for Ingrid Michaelson.

During the same year, she published her album under the title Whirlwind. On September 17, 2019, Caleb released his extended play Slot Machine Syndrome (EP). It contains five songs. People are hoping the couple will work together on an album and remove it even though they have not yet done so.

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