Are Cely and Justine Still Together: What Does Justine Hate Most About Cely?

Although the goal of Love Island is for two singles to fall in love while spending two weeks together in a lavish villa, this doesn’t always happen. When watching the second season of Love Island USA, I found the friendship between Cely Vazquez and Justine Nbida to be the most exciting and enjoyable to watch develop. Are Cely and Justine Still Together or not? Considered the most popular inquiry.

Both women were in the first batch of contestants. Despite some initial difficulties, they ultimately found love on the show (with Justine winning the cash prize and her boyfriend, Caleb Corprew, respectively). According to reports, both pairs are still together and plotting their futures.

The couples might even continue to hang out after Love Island because Johnny and Caleb got along so well. Exactly how close are Cely and Justine now? It was as if fate had brought them together.

Are Cely and Justine Still Together?

Justine Ndiba and Cely Vazquez have decided to continue their friendship despite no longer sharing an apartment at the Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas. Justine talked to E! News about their company right after Season 2 of Love Island USA concluded. “I can say without exaggeration that Cely is unique.

Having her there and the ease with which we communicated helped me get over many of the low points I experienced behind bars by making me feel like I was chatting with a sister or best friend from back home. Since we hit it off so quickly and so well, “In October of 2020, she predicted. Justine also mentioned that their friendship is “more real” now than in the villa.

Cely agreed that the end of the season didn’t mean the end of “Celine,” the name they gave to their friendship. Cely believes American viewers would have chosen him and Justine as winners if given a chance. To paraphrase, “We should have won the whole thing,” she claimed. “She’s the one for me. Without her, Love Island would not have been as fulfilling for me. Honestly, she blows my mind.”

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Cely Vazquez Biography

Cely Vazquez was born in Sacramento, California on May 23, 1996. In the year 2021, she will have reached the age of 25 years old. Her nationality is that of the United States. You can find Cely Vazquez on Instagram with her official handle  @cely. Her astrological sign is Gemini, and her Latina heritage tells us she is of that ethnicity. In a similar vein, Sacramento, California, her hometown, is where she not only was born but also spent her childhood.

Are Cely and Justine Still Together

She attended California City High School and eventually received her diploma. When she was a student in high school, she led the cheerleading squad at her alma mater and served as the team’s captain. Similarly, she got a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from California State University in Sacramento, California. This institution is also located in the state of California.

After she received her degree, she moved to Sacramento and began working as a legal secretary for the criminal department there. Additionally, before her appearance on the second season of Love Island USA, she was employed as a legal secretary.

Who is Justine Ndiba?

On the side, 27-year-old Justine Ndiba dances the GO GO as a billing coordinator. Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Pisces fled to the United States with her family to escape the Rwandan genocide in 2001. Rockaway, New Jersey is where they settled. Like the rest of us, Justine is a huge fan of the reality TV show Love Island. She has Jersey pride and marches to the tune of her drum.

So she said, at least. Justine is eager to discover true love after leaving a six-year sporadic romance. She would love to find a Christian man that shares her values of kindness, humility, and respect. Therefore, “he has the same religious views as she does.” She wears heels 80 percent of the time. Thus he must be taller than she is. Click here to reach her Instagram account

The dancer said, “I enjoy wearing heels because I feel confident and attractive and adore how they look.”

What Does Justine Hate Most About Cely?

Cely Vazquez was the most supportive and caring person in the Love Island USA Season 2 villa. She also led the contestants in “aqua aerobics” and started spontaneous dance parties and sing-alongs in the glam room to keep the mood light between challenges and recoupling ceremonies.

Also, one fateful morning, Cely was rumored to have roused her fellow islanders with a chant and the clanging of pots and pans. Justine Ndiba cares about her friend, but not that much. The winner of Love Island USA Season 2 told E! News that it was “like a breath of fresh air” to wake up in a hotel instead of the villa following the final recoupling ceremony. “My morning wake-up in a room apart from her was a welcome relief.

Don’t come at us with frying pans or other implements of corporal punishment first thing in the morning. Taking that short break was much needed. Instead, she pleasantly knocked on my door. “She’s a great buddy,” Justine gushed. In contrast to the love couples who leave the villa together, we can safely assume that the key to this friendship will be some quality time spent apart (or at least not sharing a room).

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