Are Clayton And Susie Still Together: Where Are They Now And Are They Married?

Wait a minute … Is the relationship between The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard and Susie Evans, who competed in season 26, still going strong? In September 2022, the couple shared a devastating update on their relationship, despite the fact that it appeared to be going well. Continue reading to find out how things currently stand with reality TV couples.

Are Clayton And Susie Still Together: Relationship between them?

Susie continued their conversation by saying, “If you feel like you’re in love with me, it doesn’t make sense to sleep with somebody else.” The two potential partners then continued their back and forth. Clayton’s response was as follows: “I swore to myself before I got into this that I wouldn’t fall in love with multiple women, but it’s happened anyway.”

Even though Clayton claimed that he would have acted differently if he had known that what he had done would “be a deal-breaker” for Susie, there was no way to go back in time and change things. Susie turned and walked away while sobbing.

are clayton and susie still together

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Having said that, Susie did, in the end, come back for the final rose ceremony that took place during the finale. Not only did Susie make her way back to the show, but after a fight broke out between Clayton, Rachel, and Gabby during the final rose ceremony, she was the only contestant still standing.

Susie tells Clayton, “I have come to the conclusion that it is best for me to leave Iceland alone,” adding that it is a “devastating” decision. “After giving this some thought, I don’t believe that I am the right person for you, and I also don’t believe that you are the right person for me.”

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Did they take the Next Step Toward Marriage?

During the After the Final Rose episode, Clayton shared that after leaving Iceland, he returned to “what I thought was my normal life,” but then Susie reached out to him again. Clayton was surprised by this development. Clayton expressed his astonishment by saying, “I was absolutely shocked there was maybe that came from all of it.”

After that, Susie made her presence known and confirmed that they are still dating. She shared with everyone that “we are really happy and we are happy to be here today.” “That’s the man I’m dating.”

She also admitted that they “took some steps back,” but she emphasized that they are currently in love and that their relationship is “serious.” “I can say without a doubt that he’s amazing,” I thought to myself. However, they both admitted that they “could have done better” and that they anticipated receiving criticism after the show’s conclusion.

During the episode After the Final Rose, the couple shared the news that they would be moving in together to Susie’s hometown of Virginia Beach in order to continue developing their relationship. They had only been living on the east coast for a little over a year when they announced that they were moving again—this time to different states.

During his appearance on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast on August 17, Clayton shared his upcoming relocation plans, stating, “I’m moving to Scottsdale, and she’s going to move in the interim to L.A.” “[It’s] only a half-hour flight apart, but we’re both working hard to make our dreams come true. I believe that, in terms of location, we are both of the opinion that those are the spots in which we want to be.

are clayton and susie still together

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The former football player guaranteed that it was something that they were willing to try out, but in the event that it did not work out, they would relocate to be closer to one another. He went on to explain that the two of them were uncertain about how they would feel about traveling such a long distance. “People may look at us as though, oh, they’re going their separate ways… I don’t think there’s any harm in keeping some distance between us.”

From the Bachelor, Are they still together?

During the season 26 finale of The Bachelor, Clayton told his family that he wanted to try to get Susie back. “You’re grasping at straws. That’s done, gone and history … She made the choice to walk,” his dad, Brian Echard, advised at the time. But the football player insisted he had to try. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman,” he said.

The couple’s drama began when the Virginia Beach native expressed major concerns about Clayton’s overnight dates with fellow contestants Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. “I didn’t even really like, comprehend the gravity of it until this second,” she said while Rachel was out for her date. “I don’t know if he can fall in love with multiple people at once.”

“For me, sex is connective with somebody,” Susie added before heading to her own fantasy suite one-on-one. “I just hope that, like, Clayton’s on the same page and sees it from my perspective.”

As it turns out, he wasn’t. Though Clayton revealed that he was in love with Susie, she wasn’t the only one. During their intimate dinner at the Sky Lagoon hot springs, Susie admitted she would feel “uncomfortable” if he slept with other women.

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