Are Colt and Vanessa Still Together: When Did the Couple Tie the Knot?

Are Colt and Vanessa Still Together: Though it’s often believed that love can conquer all obstacles, such as age, distance, and race, the road to true love may be rocky for any relationship, let alone one that spans international borders. The reality series “90 Day Fiancé” focuses on American residents who are engaged with people from other countries.

The K-1 visa allows engaged couples to live together for 90 days before committing to marriage. Relationships between people who have significant cultural and behavioral differences can face challenges. The lives of six people who found themselves single after their international romances in the first series ended badly are chronicled in the spin-off named “90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life.”

Colt Johnson and his best friend Vanessa Guerra made more ripples than anybody else who tried dating again in the first season. Colt and Vanessa’s relationship has been the subject of rumors ever since they began dating. Because of this, we decided to investigate their dating history in detail, and this is what we found!

Are Colt and Vanessa Still Together?

Finance colt married Vanessa after 90 days. Instagram announced their engagement. Colt shared a snapshot of himself with his arm around his wife Vanessa and a video of them kissing. Vanessa was photographed with a stunning engagement ring. ‘I would want to proclaim that Vanessa is my wife,’ he captioned the photo. I’m sure we’ll be happy together, even though he married his closest buddy.

Colt and Vanessa look to be together. The duo worried about Colt’s mother, Debbie, who had meddled in his past relationships, as well as trust issues. On May 23, 2021, Colt said that he and Vanessa had secretly married without telling anybody, even Debbie. During their March 2021 Reno road trip, they married. Colt announced his and Vanessa’s sad loss on social media in October 2021. “… She recently became pregnant. This suddenly changed our life view. We considered our child’s future.

We dreamed of living with them. I’m sorry, but they’re leaving. It’s heartbreaking.” Vanessa left because Debbie was too controlling. She confessed in the January 28, 2022 season 2 episode. Vanessa apparently departed three weeks before that episode. The announcement prompted divorce rumors. Vanessa swiftly denied the claims. She explained in a 2022 Instagram Q&A. Vanessa said she had left the house and never considered quitting her relationship with Colt.

Colt and Vanessa returned to Reno for their first anniversary in March 2022. Vanessa’s social media posts and stories suggest she still loves Colt. Thus, she seems willing to work on their marriage despite the ups and downs. We wish Colt and Vanessa many happy years.

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Colt and Vanessa’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Colt Johnson is a creative director of ColtDotWin, a performer, and a prominent personality from Las Vegas, Nevada. For the sake of finding “the one” and settling down, he decided to participate in the reality program. But Vanessa Guerra is an American citizen born into a Hispanic household. She, like Colt, had been through a broken marriage and was eager to give love another go.


Soon after Colt’s divorce from ex-wife Larissa Lima, the groundwork for his connection with current girlfriend Vanessa was set. In the latter half of 2018, Colt and Vanessa were introduced to one another via an online message from Vanessa. Apparently, they found common ground over their shared experience of heartbreak and rallied around one another to get through the difficult moments.

Following some time spent corresponding online, the two finally met in person at a casino and immediately hit it off. When Colt divorced Larissa, he reportedly pursued a romantic relationship with Vanessa, but she rejected him. Later, he started dating Jess Caroline, but his infidelity with Vanessa was revealed on “90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life.” Colt and Vanessa started dating, despite their difficult beginning.

Colt was so committed to making amends for the hurt he’d caused Jess that he proposed a double date with her and her new spouse. In the eleventh episode of the pilot season, this was demonstrated. Colt and Vanessa continuously worked on their trust and commitment concerns. Colt proposed to Vanessa on the first of November, 2020, and she grudgingly accepted.

When Did the Couple Tie the Knot?

It didn’t take long for the Las Vegas native to take his relationship with Vanessa to the next level. During their vacation together, Colt went down on one knee and proposed to Vanessa. Colt revealed that he and Vanessa had eloped when they came back for the season 1 tell-all. As reported by In Touch, Colt and Vanessa were married in February of 2021 in Reno, Nevada.

Colt and Vanessa reappeared in the second season premiere of 90 Days: The Single Life in November 2021 as a plot point for Colt’s mom and Vanessa’s mother-in-law. After her husband and Colt’s father passed away, Debbie talked about her experiences dating on the show.

In season two’s tell-all, however, Debbie’s intervention in Colt and Vanessa’s marriage led to the couple’s separation and subsequent living arrangements apart.

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