Are Craig And Paige Still Together? Why They Find “Long Distance Relationships” Is Difficult?

People are interested in Are Craig And Paige Still Together? Because of their massive following and media stardom. In the best of circumstances, knowing where a celebrity relationship stands may be challenging. Read this article to discover the identity of Are Craig And Paige Still Together?

Are Craig And Paige Still Together? What do They think About Their Wedding?

Craig Conover told that he and DeSorbo are already making plans for their future together. We’ve discussed getting married and spending the rest of our life with each other, and it’s something we’re both excited about. In this conversation, “family” and “children” are common topics.

Conover mentioned on an edition of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast that she and her partner plan to move in together and settle in the same location down the road, but that they’re not in a hurry to do so just yet.

We might be in Charleston, but I seriously doubt she’ll ever give up her New York City condo, he added. “We are in the fortunate position of not having to make such stark choices. Currently, we’re both really busy with work and trips. It’s great that we’re finally getting to collaborate on some projects outside of TV.”

Conover discussed his relationship with DeSorbo once more in a late-March interview with ET Online. He told the media source, “I’ve kind of always longed for a partner and a comrade to share this stuff with, and I couldn’t have found a better one, and it’s really lovely.”

“We get to share in the joy of one other’s successes, and she has many of them thanks to the success of her clothing line and other endeavours. This is something that can only come from working side by side. And all we want to do is have fun.”

He went on to explain that he and DeSorbo have been having deep, meaningful conversations about the future of their relationship, making him feel like this is a “more mature” relationship than others he’s been in. It’s an adult relationship, Conover remarked. There is a lot of talk about getting married and starting a family and the things they both agree on and don’t disagree on.

Conover revealed to that he and DeSorbo, who have spent most of their romance apart, will be spending the summer together in Charleston. The star of Southern Charm has said that he is reducing the bachelor pad vibe of his current residence in preparation for the upcoming transfer.

And she’s clearly had input on all those new renovations to my house, which really delights me,” Conover added. It’s almost time for me to move in with my girlfriend. Furthermore, he expressed his desire for this change to become permanent. “Sooner or later, we plan to set up housekeeping together. We are headed in that course, for sure “It was his words.

While in Charleston for DeSorbo’s temporary move, the pair spent a day at the beach with Conover’s parents. Conover posted several pictures from the event on Instagram, including a cute selfie with Desorbo and his parents. Their beach picnic included enough of his company’s pillows, of course. Conover and DeSorbo, attending the MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED, spoke exclusively to PEOPLE about their excitement for their upcoming TV programme.

Craig Conover’s long-distance relationship with Paige DeSorbo is “becoming difficult.”

Craig Conover's long-distance relationship with Paige DeSorbo is "becoming difficult."

Conover confidently stated, “I would do it,” but DeSorbo admitted it would be “a lot of pressure” to take on their own series. The idea of having their own programme was one that DeSorbo said would be “funnier than both Southern Charm and Summer House.” The originator of Sewing Down South further commented, “I believe it’d be fun to see us in our free time.”

“I feel like it actually keeps us in line because everyone is going to see us, including our parents,” DeSorbo said of the “pressure” of having her love life play out across various reality TV series. Conover discussed his separation from his girlfriend in an interview with Page Six. “Long-distance is working for us,” he told her. To get there from here is simply an hour’s flight, which is great because we’re on the East Coast, but things are getting harder and harder.

Craig Conover’s dream wedding differs from Paige Desorbo’s

Craig Conover's dream wedding differs from Paige Desorbo's.

He continued, “She was just gone in Italy for 10 days, and it was awful. “But the time we’re spending is being whittled down to just a few days at most. Then then, we can only wait and see.” Conover told E! News about his perfect wedding, however, he did say that his vision and DeSorbo’s might be very different.

The way Paige sees things is very different from the way I see things,” Conover said. “I went to a wedding in Abaco, and when I arrived there, I noticed that no one was wearing shoes. That experience convinced me to make a temporary move to the Bahamas. Everyone stayed a full week there since it was so chill.”

In his continued remarks, “After everyone has arrived, I want to host a crab feast to officially kick off the festivities, followed by the rehearsal dinner on Thursday, the wedding on Saturday, and a brunch on Sunday. Of course, I’m only a kid who hasn’t given any of this much thought.” His fiancee, he said, “doesn’t want a beach wedding,” but she is “OK with it being like a four to five-day experience.” I believe the location of her vision is in Italy, he replied.

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