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Are Emma and Micah Still Together: In Selling Sunset Season 5, the budding relationship between Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim at work is a major plot point, but it’s not the one that’s getting all the attention. New agent Emma Hernan, who joined the team in Season 4, met with Micah, a real estate entrepreneur from Beverly Hills, in the third episode of the season, which premiered on Netflix on April 22.

Micah asked Emma out for mezcal and empanadas after they connected over their shared interest in the property. On their first date, Micah and Emma hit it off, and in a later episode, Chrishell, the agent’s closest friend, said that she could feel the chemistry between Micah and Emma as they toured his property.

At each meeting throughout the season, the agent and the developer had chemistry, but are they dating now? If you want to know more about Micah and where things are between Emma and him, as well as his history, keep reading.

Are Emma and Micah Still Together?

We take the fact that Emma and Micah are still together eight months after season five wrapped as a sign that their relationship is flourishing. The thirty-year-old realtor stated in an interview that they are still seeing one other, albeit nothing is official at this time.

Their relationship, she said on Entertainment Tonight, has improved. However, that’s about as close as you’ll get. So, we’ll have to wait and see. Perhaps in season six, we’ll see a tag or a ring. Nobody has a clue. They became fast friends after Emma agreed to appear in a listing he was creating. She said in an after-the-fact confessional that while she “normally meticulously keeps to professionalism,” things were “a little bit different” with Micah.

There was maybe two meetings total, and I remember thinking, “Oh, my god. We share a lot of interests and values; he’s not simply good-looking, wealthy, and assured. She went on to exclaim, “I mean, seriously, he’s just ticking all the blasted boxes.

However, Emma did tell ET that it would be “wonderful to have someone in the same state” given that she often splits her time between Los Angeles and Boston and he is stationed in Texas.

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Who is Emma Hernan?

When it comes to the real estate industry, Emma is a well-known celebrity. In addition to that, she is the Chief Executive Officer of a food sector company. When Emma was younger, she had a variety of jobs, including being a babysitter and a model. She started making substantial stock investments at a very early age in her life.

Are Emma and Micah Still Together
Are Emma and Micah Still Together

While she was working with Brett and Jason Oppenheim, she was in the process of home hunting. “When I first met Jason, Brett, and everyone else, I started looking at real estate, and then I became active in the office. Since that time, we have been hanging out consistently.

Therefore, we spent the vast bulk of the weekends together engaging in various activities.” Emma’s aptitude was recognized by these individuals, and as a result, she was encouraged to pursue a career in real estate.

Who is Micah McDonald?

Micah McDonald is involved in the construction of new buildings and other structures. As we watch the show, we learn that he is now building a mansion in Beverly Hills that has a total floor space of 10,000 square feet. As soon as Micah lay eyes on Emma for the first time, he was overcome with an overwhelming want to be near her.

He mentioned that he is one of eight brothers and that he currently lives in Los Angeles with his family. He also mentioned that he was born in California. Atwater Village is home to the Sagrado Mezcaleria, which is owned and operated by him.

If you’re a fan of mezcal, you should check it out. Emma thinks extremely highly of Micha as an individual who is both beautiful and successful.

Every Piece of Data About Selling Sunsets

Selling Sunsets is a reality show that is quite popular and will soon be available to watch on Netflix. The Oppenheim Group, which is involved in the real estate industry, is the focus of this particular television program. The portrays the routine lives of all of the agents working for the organization, encompassing both their professional and personal lives at the same time.

The first season of Selling Sunsets was made accessible on streaming sites on March 21, 2019, exactly one month after the season premiere. The show is now running the fifth season, which debuted on television on April 22, 2022, and was made available to the general public at that time. If you can’t wait any longer to watch the show, all you need to do is log in to your Netflix account and begin playing Selling Sunsets.

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