Are Ethan and Olivia Still Together: The Tumultuous Marriage

Are Ethan and Olivia Still Together: Kim and Barry Plath are unusual people to watch on TLC’s “Welcome to Plathville,” since they raise their nine kids in the country of Georgia, sheltered from the outside world. The parents think that by being strict with their children, they will instill in them strong morals and values. But things go awry when the older kids figure out what they’ve been missing out on and turn against their parents.

During a 2014 Christian family event hosted by No Greater Joy Ministries, Ethan Plath, the eldest of the Plath children, met Olivia Marie Meggs. Olivia initially wasn’t interested in dating Ethan, but the two started writing to one other and eventually developed feelings for each other. The interference of Ethan’s parents has been a constant source of tension in their relationship. Is Olivia still seeing Ethan? Let’s find out.

Are Ethan and Olivia Still Together?

Evidently, Ethan and Olivia are still an item. After the wedding, things were quite rough, but they stuck it out and are still together. The couple’s problems were exacerbated by Kim and Barry’s treatment of Olivia during season 2 of the program. Ethan’s frustration with his parents’ antics finally boiled over, and he nearly had a physical altercation with his father. Since then, the couple has severed ties with Ethan’s family and left the Plath home.

Ethan also shared that they were actively engaged in saving their relationship by way of counseling sessions. Olivia’s photos showing her finger without a wedding band led to widespread assumptions about the couple’s breakup. Olivia promptly put an end to the speculations by revealing that the couple was still very much married and very much in love. She argued that the ringless photos were meaningless and explained that she frequently forgets to put it on when she’s flying solo or doing other activities when she doesn’t need it.

The duo is quite fond of posting images of themselves together on their various social media accounts. On Ethan’s birthday, Olivia posted a beautiful photo of the couple online, further putting an end to speculations of a divorce. She concluded her letter with the phrase, “Here’s to whatever the future brings for us, for we have seen thick and thin.” And may we both continue to develop, study, and have fun! I adore you. As a result, the pair have stayed together through thick and thin because of their undying love for one another.

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What Happened Between Ethan and Olivia Plath?

There was tension right from the beginning of the marriage between the young couple. The conflict between Olivia and Kim and Barry Plath, Ethan’s parents, occurred shortly after the couple tied the knot in 2018. The Plaths’ strict rules—no television, no cellphones or laptops, no sugary soda—caused friction between Kim and Barry and their new daughter-in-law, Olivia.

Are Ethan and Olivia Still Together
Are Ethan and Olivia Still Together

While Ethan and Olivia’s relationship seemed solid while the family turmoil was going on, flaws began to appear after it ended. Olivia felt that Ethan was avoiding their difficulties rather than addressing them because of the lack of communication between them. Another problem was that Olivia wanted to leave the little town of Cairo, where she and her family now resided, and relocate to a larger metropolis, but Ethan was reluctant to uproot the family.

Olivia expressed to her husband that she yearned for greater stimulation and preferred the idea of moving to a larger metropolis. Asked if he would ever return to his preferred setting, Ethan said, “Probably not ever.” In light of the strain on her marriage, Olivia took the difficult decision to relocate. She said that she couldn’t be in a relationship with him until he figured out what he wanted. I’ve decided to stay with a buddy for a time.

The Tumultuous Marriage

Ethan and Olivia’s horrible fight on July 26th filled the program with great tension. In this episode, Ethan and his family visited his brother’s cemetery to celebrate his posthumous birthday. Everyone else but Olivia. Ethan thought that it was really disrespectful of Olivia to be absent. That’s when his mom, Kim, got the answer she was hoping for: Olivia refusing to meet her.

At the end of Season 4, it was unclear if Ethan and Olivia would continue to be together as a relationship. Olivia claimed she was in the dark about whether or not they were going to relocate to Tampa. Ethan, on the other hand, said that he was heading to Cairo to keep running his automobile enterprise.

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