Are Gino And Jasmine Still Together: Are 90 Day Fiance Still Love In The End Of 2022

After Jasmine discovered that Gino had sent her naked photos to an ex-girlfriend while the two were on a trip that was supposed to be a romantic getaway for the couple, an explosive argument broke out between them. But after Gino’s betrayal, was Jasmine able to forgive him, and more importantly, are gino and jasmine still together.

How did Gino and Jasmine met

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé premiered in December 2021, and it was there that we were first introduced to Gino and Jasmine. The man from Michigan documented his journey to Panama to meet Jasmine for the first time after meeting her online. The two appeared to hit it off at first but eventually ran into some trouble due to Jasmine’s jealous tendencies.

What Happened in “90 Day Fiance

The engineer took Jasmine to San José Island, off the coast of Panama, for a luxurious $2,500 vacation as a Christmas present while they were both in Panama. While on what was supposed to be a romantic getaway, Jasmine was bombarded with Direct Messages from Gino’s ex-girlfriend, who wanted to warn her about his contact with Jasmine. Following Jasmine’s direct message (DM) exchange with Gino’s ex, Jasmine learned that Gino had sent her nude photos of Jasmine.

Gino initially denied it, but after the ex sent him a screenshot of the evidence, he admitted to it. He admitted to her, “That was [me] rubbing it into her, yes.” The American literature professor began to sob. To emphasize the point, he said, “But that was the only time I ever did it; I was showing her, ‘Look how hot my girlfriend is.'”

Whatever the case may be, I don’t care if it happened just once! For that reason, Gino, I put my faith in you and asked for those photos. She broke down in tears as she told him, “I will never be able to trust on [sic] your ever.”

Gino apologized to his ex-girlfriend for sending her the naked photos of Jasmine. If only I could take it back, but it’s true that I sent topless photos of Jasmine to my ex,” he admitted. I sent the photos as payback to brag about the fantastic girlfriend I have right now. Indeed, that was a catastrophic error. Obviously.”

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Are Gino And Jasmine Still Together: couples Married, Or Divorced

According to Jasmine, she “completely showed [her] breasts” in the photos that Gino had sent to his ex. Then, Jasmine began talking to Gino’s ex, who forwarded her screenshots of their exchange. Gino told his ex-girlfriend Jasmine that she “goes crazy if I mention anything about ex’s” in on-screen text messages. An additional note stated, “She gets super jealous if I even mention a woman’s name.” While Jasmine was napping on their island vacation, Gino told her that he had sent those messages to his ex.

After confronting him in the hallway, the brunette beauty returned to the hotel room she shared with Gino, where the two got into a full-on fistfight. In a scene from the episode airing on February 6, she yelled, “Shut up your f—ing mouth!” as he tried to apologize. Since she had learned from his ex that Gino had been a “sugar daddy,” she confronted him about it. He admitted to paying “sugar babies” $200 to $250 for dinner dates with him before he met Jasmine.

are gino and jasmine still together

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Sorry, but I can’t be your sugar baby. The more jobs I have, the better. Three, four, five, six, seven is ideal. I can deal with being poor, but it’s discouraging to see men like you exploit women who are in need, Jasmine fumed on the 20th. And if it’s going to be my business, which I’m not interested in, then look at me if I date a sugar f*cking daddy. Plus, I have a high IQ. I’ll find the sugar daddy of sugar daddies. Not some lonely, depressed, old Michigan nutjob. Let me have a break.

There was a moment when it looked like things were over between Jasmine and Gino, but after they both had a chance to cool off for the night, they went for a walk on the beach together the next morning, during which Gino apologised profusely to the brunette beauty. They quickly patched things up on the February 27 episode after she accepted his apology and his promise that it wouldn’t happen again.

Their blowout fights unfortunately continued. In the episode airing on March 27th, Jasmine and Gino got into an argument over the course of their final dinner together before Gino headed back to Michigan. The Panamanian woman said she learned from social media that his ex-wife is still going by the surname Palazzolo. She believes the name Palazzolo rightfully belongs to the woman and that she should revert to her maiden name.

Before the 90 Days,” Still Together

After their time on the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, Jasmine and Gino are still a couple. In October, the Panamanian beauty slammed a troll who had criticised her for not being married and having children with Gino, confirming their relationship.

For the record, Jasmine and Gino are more than just friends; they love each other deeply, as she shared on Instagram. Now that we’ve been together for three years, we’re going stronger than ever. We have our sights set on the heavens but our feet firmly planted on the ground. Love is longsuffering.

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