Are Jake and April Still Together: What is ‘The Ultimatum’?

Are Jake and April Still Together: This week saw the release of Netflix’s The Ultimatum reunion episode, and it revealed a great deal about the status of the six couples. Women’s Health was able to obtain a peek at the couples’ current situations because production for the show wrapped up in May 2021.

Fans especially wanted to know more about Jake Cunningham, 26, and April Marie, 23, a couple that has been attracting a lot of attention.

April, after two years of seeing Jake, gave him an ultimatum that he had to marry her or break up with her, which is what got them on the show. They appeared to be deeply in love and eager to work on their relationship when they first met, but the previews suggested tensions would soon arise (and not in a good way).

Given the inherent tension between Jake and April, here is what we know (based on their interviews with Women’s Health) regarding their relationship status.

Are Jake and April Still Together?

According to the facts, it appears that these two are no longer together. See The Ultimatum when it premieres on Netflix on April 6 to find out for sure. The series conclusion and cast reunion drop on April 13. Netflix has decided to split the episode releases into two parts. On April 6, you’ll be able to see the pilot and the first eight episodes.

Last chance to avoid spoilers! The cast of The Ultimatum has been taking great care to conceal their relationship status from the public, but someone has made a mistake. After a brief search on CheatSheet, we discovered that April’s NEW boyfriend had posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram. In one image, he is caressing her cheek and in another, he calls April his “love.” See it for yourself here.

Who is this latest unknown male? Cody Cooper, according to his Instagram account. Congratulations, April; he’s charming and accomplished.

As The Ultimatum draws to a close, do you anticipate Jake’s acceptance of April’s proposal, or do you believe the two eventually broke up? Are the spoilers here the actual stuff or merely to throw us off? The only way to find out is to tune in to the season finale.

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Jake and April From The Ultimatum

To begin, it appears from the promotional materials that their relationship will be strained throughout the show. In one touching moment, a tearful April says, “I love you to death, but I simply can’t wait longer.” Because of this, I must issue an absolute ultimatum. Asking, “Should I simply remain with you because you’re sobbing and I feel horrible, or should I seek what I really want in life?” In a little while, Jake enquires.

In another clip, April can be heard saying, “He’s falling for someone else,” and she also appears to imply that she can’t believe they “just kissed.” Who she is referring to remains a mystery, although it may be Jake and another cast member.

are jake and april still together
It’s also unlikely that she has deleted any of her 55,000 followers’ old posts, given how frequently she updates them. They’re also not following each other, which could mean they’ve broken up.

A female fan of Jake’s who isn’t a cast member marked one of his recent actions with a champagne glass emoji. After working with an off-show cast member, was he able to move on? He then had another woman send him rent money in June of 2021. Do you see her as a potential romantic partner or just a roommate?

What is ‘The Ultimatum’?

The new dating series The Ultimatum, which is brought to you by the same team who gave you Love is Blind, puts a variety of different couples through their paces as they attempt to find love. Each couple is on the verge of tying the knot, but one person in the couple is more eager to make the proposal than the other and gives the other person an ultimatum: either agree to marry them or choose a new potential mate from among the other cast members.

Each couple is on the verge of tying the knot. The participants are forced to make a decision on their future together after they have spent a total of eight weeks living together as a couple. The choices available to them are to either get married or break up and start seeing someone else.

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