Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together: Will They Still Be Married in 2022?

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together: Are Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh, who starred together on 90 Day Fiancé, still a couple? When Jenny found out that Sumit was married to another lady in an arranged marriage put up by his parents, but that he wanted to be with Jenny, it was one of the most surprising turns in the history of the program. The duo contributed huge drama to the first season of The Other Way.

When the international flames returned for the second season, they were determined to battle for their love and for their right to be together despite all of the difficulties that stood in their way. In the third season, their love story came to a standstill as Sumit began to have second thoughts about marrying Jenny. Even though the couple had finally managed to walk down the aisle in a private ceremony, the difficulties of married life had only just begun.

Since then, the couple has received their diplomas and are continuing to capture their emotional roller coaster of a romance on the spinoff show, Happily Ever After? Continue reading to find out everything that we know about the present state of Jenny and Sumit’s relationship and where it stands.

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together?

Jenny and Sumit have moved on to the next part of their journey on the spinoff that is named “Happily Ever After?” after they got married. Even though the couple has finally made it down the aisle as husband and wife, their adventure through life together has just begun.

Even though at this point Sumit’s parents are aware of the marriage, they continue to dispute the notion that their son is married. TLC has intimated that the couple’s age gap of 33 years may also be a concern as they come to the understanding that “their ambitions for married life may not be compatible.” This is in addition to the customary obstacles given by Sumit’s family members.

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How Did Jenny and Sumit Meet?

Ten years ago, in 2011, Sumit and Jenny met online, but their relationship got off to a difficult start because Sumit catfished Jenny by utilizing photographs of another guy while using the identity “Michael Jones.” Jenny was led to believe that Sumit was Michael Jones but she was misled.

When he eventually came clean to Jenny after four months of talking to her online about him, she had already fallen in love with him and was willing to go beyond the fact that he had been catfishing her. Jenny was already willing to look past the fact that he had been catfishing her. In 2013, Jenny traveled to India to spend four months with Sumit and his family.

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together
During this time, the two of them started making plans for their wedding. On the other hand, Sumit’s family did not in any way approve of the couple’s love relationship.

Who is Jenny Slatten?

American unscripted television actress Jenny Slatten. “90 Day Fiance” optimistic. She also loves children. The pair remains together despite his falsehoods. Jenny Slatten is unscripted. 60-year-old woman. Her birthdate and horoscope are private. However, she is white American.

Slatten has no Wikipedia. Her little bio has intricacies. The show’s lady and her accomplice also made headlines. Jenny is ancient yet strong. She’s wrinkly. Her vision also requires glasses. Married Slatten. She linked it to a handsome man. Christina is her other child. After 15 years, she divorced. Jenny disagrees. Sumit, an Indian, captivates her. However, they lied. Michael Jones was a model Sumit catfished.

Falsehoods did not. He told her he was single. He rented another loft and stayed with Slatten when he visited. Sumit didn’t host a Jenny-family gathering. Later, she found out he was married. He was also house-arrested by his family. Jenny is lucky. She lives lavishly. However, her activity, remuneration, and assets are hidden.

Slatter publishes Sumit and her photos on Instagram. The lady adores her child. She has almost 178K followers.

Who is Sumit Singh?

Even though Sumit, who is 32 years old, was relieved that his ex-girlfriend dropped the criminal case she had brought against him, he was still terrified that another issue might come to light when they had to confront each other in court for the second time. This information was disclosed in the confession made by the individual who was originally from India. He said, “Today, my case will go before the judge, and I’ll pay the balance of the money to my in-laws.”

Did Jenny and Sumit Get Married?

Jenny and Sumit had been together for over 10 years by the time of their wedding in 2021; at that point, they had been dating for almost that long. In a one-off episode of The Other Way that aired in November 2021, viewers were given a front-row seat to the little wedding ceremony that the TLC couple had planned for themselves.

Jenny and Sumit concluded that it would be best to wait to tell his parents about their plans to be married until after they had tied the knot before breaking the news to his family.

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