Are Jordan And Nia Dating? Is His Girlfriend Elder To Him?

Are Jordan And Nia Dating? Is His Girlfriend Elder To Him? On May 27, two of the stars of “The Challenge” shared videos of themselves appearing to be remarkably similar, which caused viewers of the show to do a double-take on social media. Nia Moore, who appeared alongside Jordan Wiseley on “Real World: Portland” and “The Challenge,” recently caught up with him, and she uploaded a photo on her Instagram account of the three-time winner kissing her cheek and writing, “[Love] for life!”

Others brought up some of the explosive moments they had on reality TV together, which prompted some fans to speculate in the comments about their friendship. One fan asked if they were just hanging out or if there is more going on, and others brought up some of the moments they had on reality TV together. Nia appeared to respond to the comments in a subsequent tweet, in which she wrote, “Y’all are wild in my comments right now. The moment you realize the importance of self-accountability, forgiveness, and continued personal development, life begins to take on a far more positive tone. I think that some of you really ought to give it a shot.

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Who Is Jordan Wiseley’s Current Girlfriend?

Nia Moore has been the subject of speculation that she is Jordan Wiseley’s new girlfriend since a video of Jordan giving Nia a peck on the cheek went viral.

According to the post that was made on her official Twitter account, she can be seen smiling when Jordan kisses her while they are on vacation together.

Her post grabbed the curiosity of a great number of readers, and it immediately gained widespread attention. The post is no longer accessible to the public since she set the privacy settings for her account to private.

How Did Jordan And Nia Met?

During their time together on “The Real World: Portland,” Jordan and Nia frequently butted heads, and during one particularly heated exchange, Jordan resorted to using derogatory terms directed at Nia’s race. Nia was disqualified from “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II” right before the final after she assaulted Jordan, which led to the pair’s second run-in with each other on “The Challenge.”

After that, the two were able to patch up their relationship and went on an Instagram Live together in the year 2020 to talk about the actions they took in the past. Nia stated during her appearance on Live that Jordan did not ask her to carry out this task. “He is a good buddy of mine, and I care passionately about him.”

How Did Jordan And Nia Met
How Did Jordan And Nia Met

The Life Story of Nia Moore

According to the information that can be found on the website of The Challenge Fandom Wiki, Nia Moore is 32 years old.

The information found on the Wiki suggests that Nia was removed from the program prior to the X-Battle round for touching Jordan in an inappropriate manner.

She received a rating of Magma Cum Ladue when she graduated from Howard University, but she has been dismissed from four out of the five jobs that she has ever held.

Her mother and father, Harriet and Andrew Moore are unhappy with the manner in which their daughter is shirking her responsibilities and not working.

She asserts that she desires to lead a life of autonomy and to work in a field that she is passionate about.

Aside from that, it is clear that she adores them, as seen by the few posts on Instagram that are specifically dedicated to them.

The Life Story of Jordan Wiseley

A well-known Reality Star, Jordan Wiseley was born in the United States on September 15, 1990. Jordan Wiseley’s birthday is September 15. She shot to fame as a reality star after her stellar performance on the 28th season of The Real World: Portland. After that, he made an appearance on an episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II on MTV. In addition to that, he laid the groundwork for the Strapped Manufactured Goods Company. Astrologers have determined that the sign of Virgo best represents Jordan Wiseley.
Before he became famous, he received his education in business from Oklahoma State University and then went on to receive his education in marketing from the University of Central Oklahoma. The name Larry belongs to Jordan’s biological father. On the hand he used to write, which was his left hand, he was born without any digits. During this time, Tori Deal was the woman he was dating.

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