Are Katie and Derek Still Together: Their Storyline Has Been Mild and Drama-Free

Are Katie and Derek Still Together: A deep and instant connection existed between Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman, one of the five couples featured on Season 10 of Lifetime’s smash experimental reality series Married at First Sight. Thus far, both reality stars have enjoyed pretty drama-free seasons and have shown genuine interest in one another.

Promos for Season 10 indicate that Katie and Derek would continue to struggle, and she had some reservations about the wedding just before it since an ex-boyfriend had called her and urged her not to marry Derek. Fans may be wondering if the couple was able to work out their marital troubles and stay together after the experiment concluded, or if they eventually went their separate ways.

Is Katie still with Derek today? It’s still too early to say for sure what will happen between them, but we have some ideas. Here are our MAFS forecasts for Katie and Derek.

Are Katie and Derek Still Together?

They are not together, and they have not been since the year 2020. They have been apart for some time. Katie and Derek tied the knot on the tenth season of the hit reality show “Married at First Sight.” Their passionate love affair did not last for nearly as long as one may have wished it would. In spite of the fact that they appeared to have a lot of potential for one another early on in the course of their relationship, it ultimately came to nothing.

Katie’s sentiments of resentment, jealousy, and continued attraction to her ex-boyfriend all had a role in the growth of their connection. All three of these emotions played a role in the development of their relationship. On the day of the choice, they came to the conclusion that despite the considerable difficulties, they would continue to be together. This was the day of the decision. In the year 2020, they broke up after only a few short weeks of being together.

Since that time, Derek has not been involved in a romantic connection with anybody, but Katie has been seeing Brandon Evans, an Air Force officer with whom she moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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Who is Katie Conrad?

Katie is currently 27 years old and has been working as a professional in the field of mental health for several years. Viewers of “Married at First Sight” generally consider her a controversial character because of the manner in which she interacted with her then-husband, Derek Sherman, during the production of season 10 of “Married at First Sight.”

Are Katie and Derek Still Together
Are Katie and Derek Still Together

Derek Sherman was her spouse at the time. She finally sealed her marriage with Derek in the tenth season of the hit American television series Married at First Sight. In the present day, Katie and her fiance Brandon Evans may be seen settling down in the city of Biloxi, which is found in the state of Mississippi, in the United States. After the broadcast, Katie went to her Instagram account and altered the settings so that it was no longer public.

Who is Derek Sherman?

Derek, who has reached the age of 28 at this point, is an engineer working in the sector of cyber security. He has worked in this industry for a total of four years. In the ninth season of “Married at First Sight,” he finalized his wedding plans with Katie Conrad, whose previous marriage was riddled with controversy.

They went through and had their wedding. In the present time, Derek is residing in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America, where he has a fulfilling and fascinating life with the people whom he cares about the most in the entire world. It appears from the consistency of his Instagram postings that he is still extremely active on the network. This is inferred from the platform’s feed.

Katie & Derek’s Storyline Has Been Mild and Drama-Free

There was instant chemistry between Katie and Derek on their wedding day. After exchanging a few kisses while dancing, taking photographs, and eating at the wedding reception, it appeared that the two reality stars were truly interested in each other. Katie and Derek hit it off immediately upon seeing how much they shared in common, and they both were eager to explore where their relationship would go from there.

Their plot has had relatively little conflict up to this point, but we all know that they’ll be going through a hard patch in their relationship in the following few episodes. In previews for tonight’s episode, they argue about Katie’s ex-boyfriend, who she maintains she is still attracted to and with whom she claims to have been in love. In a later episode, Derek tells the cameras, “It’s hard to cope with someone who’s acting like a bitch,” so it’s clear that things aren’t going so well for the pair.

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