Are Kelsey and Max Still Together: How Was Kelsey and Max’s Siesta Key Journey?

Are Kelsey and Max Still Together: Siesta Key is a reality show created by Mark Ford and Warren Skeels that follows a group of young adults as they navigate love, betrayal, and coming of age. The series follows a group of college-aged people as they spend the summer on a Caribbean island. The cast members come to the island every season to relax and figure out how to be adults. Because of the audience’s identification with the character’s actions and interpersonal conflicts, there is considerable interest in the cast members’ lives off-screen.

Kelsey Owens, one of the show’s most recognizable characters, became a household name due to her dogged pursuit of success in the modeling world. A lot of her fans have been asking me recently if she is single or in a relationship. The public’s interest in Kelsey and her rumored boyfriend, Max Strong, is high. As a result, many viewers are perplexed as to why the two TV stars are acting so strangely lately. So, here is everything we can tell you about that.

Are Kelsey and Max Still Together?

Kelsey and Max are still together, the answer is yes. This doesn’t imply the two haven’t recently experienced difficulties. To be with his girlfriend more frequently, Max relocated from Louisville, Kentucky to Florida. Kelsey, however, stated on the show that she was unsure of their current living conditions. Even though her personal future in Florida appeared uncertain, she felt annoyed that Max was not on board with living in together in the same house.

Kelsey hoped to relocate to Los Angeles to devote herself to her modeling profession. Max, though, was hesitant to make another drastic change so soon after his last. Their relationship was clearly strained for a short time due to the argument. However, it appears like they have reached a compromise. Kelsey quickly announced that she will be remaining in the Sunshine State. The model responded to a question from a fan on her Instagram story, explaining that her choice was not influenced by her romantic status but rather by what she thought was in her best interests.

At the moment, it looks like Kelsey and Max are having the time of their lives. The duo is not bashful about posting photos of themselves enjoying life together. They frequently show each other affection by sharing images of themselves together with their friends and family. We hope their love endures and that they find even more happiness and success together.

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Who is Kelsey Owens?

Kelsey Owens is a well-known American model and television personality. Since 2017, she has portrayed the role of Siesta Key on the sitcom “Siesta Key,” which airs on MTV. She is currently signed with Mother Management and is a model that is represented by Next in Paris, Malin, and London. Kelsey Owens entered the world on April 4th, 1997 in Saint Louis, Missouri, in the United States. She is a citizen of the United States of America. Her birth name is Kelsey Owens. Her zodiac sign is Aries, and her race is White.

are kelsey and max still together

She was born in the year Aries. She was the first kid to be born to her parents, making her their eldest child. Debbie Owens is her mother. Colton is her younger brother, and his name is Colton. She was raised alongside her sister in their hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri. She has had an interest in modeling ever since she was a young girl. After that, she received her education at the University of Mississippi. Since 2013, she has been performing modeling for Mother Management.

Who is Max Strong?

Max Strong, who was born in 1994, turned 26 in May of 2021. Max celebrated his 25th birthday on July 2, 2019, posting a selfie with a lion and a heartfelt caption wishing himself a good year ahead. Max included a heartwarming caption with the photo, reading, “Another year in the books!” Insane how quickly time passes. Certainly, the past year has been my most successful to date… I am excited for the next quarter of a century. His birthday suggests that he is a Cancer.

Louisville, Kentucky is where Max Strong spent his childhood. Max’s mom’s name is Jackie King Strong if you want to discuss her family. The name of Max’s father (or Jackie’s husband) is unknown, however, the couple has been wed since December 31st, 1992. Jackie, Max’s mom, is the co-owner and business manager at Strong Auto. Moreover, she has a deep affection for all kinds of animals. As a matter of fact, he inherited his fascination with wildlife from his mother. There is one sister in Max’s family. Registered nurse Mady Strong works for UK Healthcare.

How Was Kelsey and Max’s Siesta Key Journey?

Kelsey Owens has been an essential component of ‘Siesta Key’ from the very beginning. She has a sizable fan base that avidly follows her love exploits because of her charisma and drive. The model posted an Instagram photo declaring love for musician Max in August of 2020. Words fail me when I try to convey how thankful I am that you entered my life a year ago, Max. Kelsey sincerely thanked her significant other in the caption, writing, “Thank you for being by my side through all the dysfunction and accepting me for exactly who I am (even if I piss you off sometimes).

Max is a nature conservationist, as evidenced by the abundance of cute animal photos on his many social media pages. Max made a cameo appearance in episode 21 of season 3 of “Siesta Key,” however the audience had no idea who he was at the time. Before Kelsey confirmed the connection on the season 3 finale, she teased fans on Twitter. At the start of the fourth season, Max became a regular on “Siesta Key,” winning over both his co-stars and the viewers.

Fan speculation over the future of Kelsey and Max’s relationship has been fueled by recent developments in both of their lives. Kelsey talked to Madisson Hausburg and Joe Jenkins in the fourth season about her housing predicament. People are wondering if the couple is still together after the revelation.

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