Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together: or They Split Up in 2023?

Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together: Lindsay Hubbard is one of the three original cast members who comprised the primary cast of the series “Summer House.” In 2020, during the show’s fourth season, Stravy Traversie made her debut in the Big Brother house. However, before Stravy’s appearance on Bravo, he already had a relationship with the cast of the reality show that he was participating.

Throughout the fifth season, several awkward moments between the two of them were captured on camera. During the fifth season, Hannah’s fiance Des Bishop, Danielle’s boyfriend, Robert Sieber, and Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend Stephen Traversie all made guest appearances on the show. The pair had indeed decided to end their romantic relationship. Since the news was reported for the first time this year, everything is now very evident. In this section, we’ll cover everything there is to know about the couple’s divorce.

The breakup of Lindsay and Stravy’s marriage, Lindsay’s apparent affair with Luke, and the possibility that Lindsay is pregnant were all highlights of the season. Are there any grains of truth to any of these rumors? Everything that you need to know is included in this list.

Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together?

Lindsay and Stravy broke up in 2021. Both Stravy and Lindsay have stopped communicating with each other. Hubbard emphasized that she and Stravy were no longer dating when advertising the February premiere of the new season. The Summer House singer revealed in an interview that staying hidden with her lover during last year’s coronavirus outbreak was terrible for their relationship. Lindsay’s love life was front and center during the previous season of Summer House, as she and her ex-boyfriend Stephen Traversie, aka Stravy, went through many ups and downs.

They returned together after breaking up earlier in the summer but ultimately decided to part ways. Stephen “Stravy” Traversie, the man Lindsay dated in Season 5, was introduced to viewers. In October 2020, after season 5, the show was canceled. Lindsay’s alleged affair with Luke merely added fuel to the fire. In season five, we learn that Lindsay and Stephen have already planned out their future together down to the smallest detail, including getting married in June 2022 and having a baby by August of the same year.

Danielle sided with her best friend Lindsay as she and Stravy struggled to keep their marriage together. On the other hand, Hubbard opted to put money into herself and her work after she got divorced. The show’s main cast of nine persons in the pilot season rapidly became close and enjoyed themselves tremendously. The show’s format remained the same throughout its successive seasons, even though some of the regular cast members were rotated out.

Instead of merely hanging out on the weekends, the pals from Season 5 had to live together for a while. This adjustment was necessary because of the epidemic, but it ended up beneficial because it created more significant stress. Bravo will have to combine two universes into one to create a new spinoff. In an upcoming crossover series between Summer House and Southern Charm, viewers will see their favorite characters from both programs fall in love.

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Who is Lindsay Hubbard?

Reality TV star, PR expert, social media influencer, and model Lindsay Hubbard (born August 11, 1986) is a well-known American. Lindsay is a familiar face to viewers of the Bravo TV reality series Summer House, having participated in every season. On January 17, 2022, the debut episode of the sixth season aired.

Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together
Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together

This famous person was born on August 11 to affluent parents. If this is accurate, she has the fire element and is a Leo. She celebrated her 35th birthday in 2021; she was born in 1986 in New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City, New York City. Since she was born in the USA, she is a citizen of the USA and a Christian.

She is a well-educated woman who completed her formal education at a prestigious New York City boarding school. There was a time when Lindsay frequently participated in talent competitions. Subsequently, she attended the University of Florida, receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2008.

Who is Stephen Traversie?

Around 2020, tabloids distributed throughout the United States said that Lindsay Hubbard’s newest boyfriend was Stephen Traversie. Stephen Traversie attained the age of 31 in the spring of the year 2020. According to the tweets sent, he celebrated his birthday on March 9. Therefore, Pisces was the Zodiac sign that corresponded to him. On March 9, 1989, Stephen Traversie was born to his parents, who will remain nameless. In addition to that, he was the youngest of four siblings.

In addition to his mother and father, Stephen depended heavily on his younger sister, Sydney, for assistance. In June 2018, Sydneey completed her high school education and received her diploma. As for Stephen, he completed his high school education at New Bern High School and graduated with his diploma. In 2010, he attended the Barcelona International College for the summer to further his Spanish studies. Additionally, Stephen graduated from the Belk College of Business at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. It was rumored that Stephen relocated to New York City in January of 2020.

Lindsay and Stravy Dating History

Season 4 of Bravo’s hit show saw the beginning of the romance between the two former cast members in the summer of 2019. They first started dating after meeting at a birthday party and taking a helicopter tour of New York City together. Finally, Stephen made his first appearance on a reality show. In Season 5 of Summer House, when his relationship with Lindsay deteriorated on camera, Stravy had a more significant role.

In the summer of 2020, while Stravy and Lindsay were on vacation in the Hamptons, they had a rocky relationship. Whether it was because Lindsay was falsely accused of dating Luke Gulbranson or because they fought during birthday meals and left the house in Ubers, Stravy and Lindsay never found their footing this season.

Stravy is not likely to be invited back to Hampton’s house because he has little chance of winning Lindsay back or maintaining his relationship with any of her associates. Some of Lindsay’s followers believe she is dating Luke Gulbranson now that she and Stephen are no longer an item. Paige, one of the actors on the show, has expressed the opinion that Lindsay and Luke have a mutual attraction.

As Paige explained, the two people saw each other differently from different points of view. The rest of the cast is sure that they are more than pals. As unfortunate as that may be, this is not the case, despite what some may have thought.

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