Are Mallory and Sal Still Together: Do they have a wedding planned?

Are Mallory and Sal Still Together: The second season of the reality romance series Love Is Blind on Netflix is keeping us guessing, and that includes the relationship between Mallory Zapata and Salvador “Sal” Perez, who are both a part of that mix. The couple had an instant and profound connection from the very beginning, but things started to go downhill when they finally met outside of the pods. At that point, it was clear to Sal that Mallory’s connection with Jarrette might not be completely over as he had believed it to be, so this threw a wrench into their relationship.

And during the course of the season, the duo never failed to leave us wondering about the nature of their romantic connection. This article will tell you all there is to know about Mallory and Sal. (Should we refer to them as Mal and Sal? MalSal?)

Major spoilers for Love Is Blind season two are about to be discussed, including the question of whether or not the pair got married at the end of the season. This should go without saying, but:

Are Mallory and Sal Still Together?

If there had not been a more recent and amicable breakup, some people thought that the fact that Mallory and Sal continued to follow one other on Instagram was a strong indication that they were still together. This was the case even if there had been an amicable divorce. Mallory and Sal haven’t stopped following each other on Instagram yet.

The reunion episode that aired on March 4 made it clearly clear that there was no longer a romantic connection between these two individuals. On the other hand, it was made abundantly evident that there was no longer a romantic relationship between these two people. Mallory informed her that following the wedding ceremony, the two of them went out for coffee; nevertheless, “the connection wasn’t really there,” she noted, based on what Mallory had told her. “There was no use in continuing on at this point,” the speaker explains.

Sal did share some insight as to why he said no on the day of their wedding, and while it appears that things are mostly pleasant, Sal did express the following: During the course of their disputes, he claimed that there were “many” situations in which he did not feel “heard.”

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What happened during the Love Is Blind reunion?

Following the occurrences of the Love Is Blind episode, Mallory and Sal revealed to the audience that they are no longer together in the episode of season 2 devoted to reunions. The former couple disclosed that, despite the fact that they had gotten together after the program was ended for a cup of coffee, their encounter had never progressed into anything substantial.

Are Mallory and Sal Still Together
Sal confessed that he was particularly uncomfortable observing Mal’s flirty onscreen talk with Jarrette that took place in Mexico, and he referred to the discourse as inappropriate. He said that the conversation took place in Mexico. In spite of the fact that none of them harbored any ill will against the other, Sal expressed that it made him feel terrible to listen in on their chat. It would appear that Mal and Sal were never meant to be romantically involved, which is a very sad turn of events.

Do they have a wedding planned?

Now we have reached the point when things begin to take an intriguing turn: The wedding of Mallory and Sal was not addressed in any way during the concluding episode of the series, which aired on February 25. At the end of the day, Sal was the one who made the choice to cancel the wedding. During the wedding ceremony, after first conveying to Mallory how much he cares for her, he eventually admitted, “I cannot. I feel like I just need more time.”

After that, out of respect for Mallory’s family, Sal apologized to them and reiterated that he simply believed he required some additional time to think things over. Mal and Sal spoke after everyone else had left the ceremony, and in their remarks, they left the door (at least slightly) open for more to come after that.

It appeared as though there was a possibility that they would move forward with a romantic relationship that would involve actual dates as a result of what they said to one another while they were on the show. On the other side, there was also the possibility that they may decide to end their relationship entirely at some point in the future.

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