Are Mike And Natalie Still Together: Are They Married?

Are Mike And Natalie Still Together: Although Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva are no longer together, their story is still being followed by people. When the pair returned for season 8 and again for season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, their turmoil continued to follow them.

The couple was first presented to TLC viewers on 90 Day Fiancé season 7, and it continued there. On the second and third seasons of the discovery+ spinoff 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie even discussed her experience as she started dating again. Find out why they split up after getting married and whether or not they might reconcile as you scroll down to learn more!

Mike And Natalie Met In Ukraine

In November 2019, when Mike and Natalie made their franchise debut, they were already engaged and Natalie was seeking a K-1 visa so she could lawfully enter the country as the fiancée of an American citizen. The couple encountered a snag when there was a hold-up in the process after their mutual acquaintances named them the child’s godparents.

Mike scheduled a trip to Ukraine to meet Natalie since they had to meet one other right away. The couple started talking about important issues like religion, finances, and whether or not they wanted children because the K-1 visa (and marriage) were approaching quickly and they discovered they had quite different perspectives. The night before Mike was supposed to leave for his home in Sequim, Washington, they had a major quarrel, and Natalie threw her engagement ring into his bag.

When they came back for the season 7 tell-all, they were still battling relationship problems. Mike refuted Natalie’s accusations that he had cheated on her with his female closest friend. Although Mike believed Natalie to be his, Natalie also stated that she did not believe her fiance to be her “soulmate.”

Mike And Natalie Return In Season 8

Mike and Natalie get the good news they had been waiting for on the season 8 debut in December 2020: her K-1 visa had finally been approved. Even though their relationship was still in trouble, they made the decision to give it one more shot and take advantage of the extra time to resolve their issues during the 90 days before their wedding.

However, when Natalie landed in Washington, things became worse. After living in Ukraine’s main city of Kyiv, Natalie found it difficult to adjust to life on a farm in a remote area, and the couple continued to argue. Additionally, they clashed over their different lifestyle choices: Mike wants to eat meat and drink beer with dinner, whereas Natalie is a vegetarian and abstains from alcohol.

Are Mike And Natalie Still Together

Natalie believed Mike would have returned her ring straight away and begun making plans for their wedding, thus this was another area where they disagreed. Instead, Mike appeared to be taking his time choosing a date for their wedding and frequently told Natalie that he didn’t think they were ready to get married.

When Mike eventually decided to go to couples counseling with Natalie after Natalie suggested they seek professional treatment, the tension reached a breaking point. Mike confessed his disinterest in Natalie on their first meeting.

In a March 2021 episode, Mike called off their wedding, sending Natalie into a state of mental breakdown. “I’ll take a plane to Europe, and then I’ll decide how I’m going to come home. Sincerely, I have no idea how yet.

As she gathered her belongings and got ready to leave his house, Natalie sobbed, “I’m feeling scared because it’s a coronavirus and I have to f—king go through [the] airport, and its f—king scary and it’s not OK. But I also believe that a man who treats me in this way does not truly love me. My last day in America is today.

Are Mike And Natalie Married

Mike and Natalie did get married in the end, despite the stress building up to their special day. According to online documents, In Touch has established that the pair wed on April 15, 2020, in Clallam County, Washington.

Are Mike And Natalie Still Together

Mike’s Uncle Beau Lawrence confirmed the pair parted ways exclusively to In Touch in March 2021. “She has not been home for a couple of months now,” the season 8 alum revealed. “She can stay away for all I care.”

“I’m really hoping [their relationship is over for good],” he added. “I pray to God.”

That June, Uncle Beau and Mike’s neighbor, Tamara, also made a joint appearance on the “Kiki and Kibbitz” podcast. Tamara confirmed Mike and Natalie’s breakup and revealed Natalie was the one who initiated the split, adding that she left Mike’s house on Christmas Eve 2020. Since then, Natalie moved to Florida, while her ex still resides in Washington.

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