Are Myrla and Gil Still Together: Are There Any Breakup Rumours?

Are Myrla and Gil Still Together: Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria, participants in the infamous Married at First Sight experiment, did not have an easy time of it. Season 13’s Gil and Myrla committed to one other despite their many disagreements on Decision Day, but are they still together? To learn all we know about Gil and Myrla, scroll down! In season 13 of Married at First Sight Feria and Gil Cuero were recognized as one of the show’s most solid couples.

After their sudden breakup, both experts and fans were left wondering what might have gone wrong in a relationship that seemed to be going so well at first. A few years later, in an exclusive interview, Myrla spilled the beans about her seemingly ideal marriage to Gil. Myrla’s tell-all, available here, reveals that there was more to the story than met the eye (or the cameras).

Myrla claims that many of the talks that led to the termination of her relationship with Gil occurred when neither of them was aware that the other was recording. As for the items that were spoken on camera but cut from the final cut, she noted that editing was a factor.

The present relationship status of Myrla.

Are Myrla and Gil Still Together?

At first, the two people involved decided that it would be best for them to stick together until the day of the vote. Despite this, they were only able to maintain their connection for a little over a week after the cameras stopped rolling.

During the Married at First Sight reunion in November 2021, Gil revealed to the panel of experts that he had been “blindsided” by the events that transpired on the show. “I was really taken aback by the way everything transpired,” “It is obvious that she had some feelings, but I was never aware of them.” Before it had actually taken place, I was unconscious of it till after the fact.”

The leadership coach told the panel that “For me, there were things that occurred after Decision Day that made me feel that I couldn’t feel safe with him to make financial decisions for us in the future.” “Decision Day” refers to the day on which the committee made its decision about whether or not to accept the proposal put forth by the candidate. Despite the fact that

Myrla disputed that money was the only issue that contributed to the end of their relationship, this is the conclusion that can be drawn from the facts.

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Who is Myrla Feria?

South Texas-born Myrla Feria. She has two siblings, Gloria Lizeth Feria and Marilynn from her mother’s second marriage. The daughter of Myrla’s girlfriend murdered her father at his house. Married at First Sight’s Myrla said she wouldn’t alter her name because it’s her sole connection to her father.

Myrla’s mother, Berta, put tremendous value on her children obtaining an excellent education, thus Myrla enrolled at the University of Texas Pan-American following high school. She got a bachelor’s in multilingual early childhood education and a master’s in public health there. Armed with her strong skills, Feria began her teaching career in Roma, Texas, before going to Houston.

She has been a teacher since 2010. The family grew up in poverty, with Myrla stating in an interview that she is particularly focused on money because she was reared in an “extremely poor” environment. The brunette beauty agrees that “good things are necessary” and that she should marry a rich man.

Are Myrla and Gil Still Together
Feria didn’t care about mutual interests as long as her spouse was affluent and gorgeous, but she and Gil had a sinister bond. Both Gil and Myrla lost their fathers to violence.

Who is Gil Cuero?

On MAFS season 13, Gil was paired with Myrla Feria. Although their relationship has been sluggish, to begin with, recent events have revealed Gil to be patient, kind, and sincere. After four weeks of trying, he finally received his first kiss from Myrla, and it seems like the two of them might be able to make it until Decision Day. Their mutual attraction has won over a lot of hearts.

Gil, a firefighter, has a fantastic physique. In 2012, Gil began his professional career as an athlete and went on to become a fitness instructor. Separating from Caesar’s organization, he launched his own under the working title “Total Transformation.” Furthermore, he is no stranger to the small screen, having made several appearances on a regional Spanish TV program. The majority of Gil’s supporters believe he exudes inherent charm.

What Went Wrong Between Myrla and Gil

Myrla also had problems due to Gil’s persistent mocking. She admits she was uncomfortable with some statements, despite the fact that she appeared to be fine with them fooling about on the show. Our first inquiry, “Are Gil and Myrla still together?” has been answered. Gil often mocked her as a spoiled princess with high standards of behavior.

I really didn’t want this to be a problem, but it finally reached that point where it bothered me. “In retrospect, I should have been more direct in urging him not to call me such things,” she said. In most cases, it doesn’t bother me at all. Still, it disturbed me to find out that he was repeating the same sentiments to others while I wasn’t there. He never told me, and as you can see, I never called him any foul names.

Continuing, Myrla said, “I can express actions I don’t like, but turning to name-calling is not something I expected coming into this process.” For me, it was an entirely novel experience, and his method of expression was juvenile.

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