Are Nate And Lauren Still Together: Are They Married After The Show?

Are they still dating since the show was probably shot months ago? are Nate and Lauren still together? We know this. They rarely posted each other on Instagram. To prevent viewers from “spoiling” the show by stalking your Instagram, reality show producers like The Ultimatum may advise you to hide many of your recent posts. Thus, Lauren and Nate may have been married for a while before the reunion episode aired yesterday.

The premise of The Ultimatum, a new Netflix dating show, is completely bonkers. Couples in serious relationships are only there to date and see if the person they came with is the person they are supposed to leave with. At least one partner has issued a marriage or leaves an ultimatum. If you think that sounds like a relationship counselor’s worst nightmare, you’re probably right. One couple featured on the show,

Are Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles Married

Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles, who played a couple in the Netflix series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, got married just six months after the first episode of the series aired. They are the newest members of the cast to join the ranks of the show’s other married couples, which include Hunter Parr and Alexis Maloney as well as Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori.

are nate and lauren still together

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Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles

Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles, who had been dating for two years prior to joining the cast of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On on Netflix, recently joined the cast of the show. Because she did not want children, they found themselves at a crossroads in their relationship, as he desired to root themselves in one place and expand their family.

She opened up about how she didn’t feel particularly excited about having children, and it seemed like she and Colby Kissinger connected rather quickly. Lauren admitted that she had concerns that Nate’s busy schedule might prevent him from co-parenting with her, leaving her to shoulder the entirety of the responsibility alone.

When Colby, a native of Texas, selected Lauren to serve as his trial spouse for the next three weeks, Nate admitted that he did not have faith in Colby’s motivations and that he did not trust them. Then, without warning, he brought the conversation to an abrupt end by making a proposal, which stunned almost everyone. The fact that the two never stopped talking about how difficult it was for them to agree on when and how to start a family made it difficult for many people to understand the shift.

In addition to that, he planned to choose unique women for each of the mock weddings. Nate stated that he desired to marry Lauren, but that he did not want to start a family with anyone besides her. He also stated that he did not want children. After making a hasty suggestion, the two candidates exited the area being evaluated. During the reunion, they defended their relationship by stating that they have since sought counselling and made concessions regarding the issue of having children.

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Are Nate And Lauren Still Together: They Got Married After Show Premiered?

Lauren and Nate tied the knot in a small, intimate ceremony in Colorado six months after the first episode of the show aired. Lauren and Nate got married in a modest ceremony in Colorado six months after the premiere of the show. The ceremony took place in the state.

Nate made his proposal to her in a park in Austin, Texas, six weeks after their departure, and she accepted. Both you and I were conscious of the fact that our appearance on television had been inappropriate and needed to be redone.

The “ideal venue” they found in Colorado was the setting for the couple’s wedding, which took place in front of approximately one hundred guests. Lauren argued that her mother had never said that she did not want children and that all she had said was that she was unsure about the matter at the moment. A member of the cast of “The Ultimatum” asserted that the couple compromised and made the decision to only have one child as a result of their situation.

Her Version Of The Story

After the series finale and the reunion, the actress, who is now 30 years old, took to her Instagram account to respond to questions from fans. When asked about a moment she wanted to share but wasn’t able to because it wasn’t included in the final cut, Lauren’s response was that “several things” had occurred that she hoped the audience could have seen. She recalled some “beautiful moments” she had shared with Nate, as well as a date he had with Shanique Brown.

She stated that during the conversation, he revealed the passing of his sister in an “emotional” and “strong” story that brought the producers to tears. She claimed that this revelation occurred during the conversation. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is available to watch online via streaming on Netflix.

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