Are Rae And Jake Still Together: ‘The Ultimatum’ Stars Have Moved On?

Are Rae And Jake Still Together: On “The Ultimatum,” you weren’t the only one who wanted Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams to remain together. Their co-stars observed their clear bond throughout the entire show.

But do they, like the other couples on the show, remain together? The couple’s fate was revealed in the series finale and reunion special, which debuted on April 13 on the same day.

The solution is difficult, as is the case with the majority of “The Ultimatum”-related issues.

Are Rae And Jake Still Together

To fill you in, Jake and Rae both appeared on the show in order to put their relationships with their respective spouses to the test. While Jake was in a relationship with April Marie, Rae was seeing Zay Wilson. In order to determine whether or not they were ready to get married, the couples went on separate dates with other people.

Jake and Rae make the decision to move in together and have a “trial marriage” for a period of three weeks after they instantly hit it off and bond via shared experiences, such as their close ties with their moms and their heritages.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jake discusses the level of closeness that he and Taylor Swift experienced while they were together. “Both Rae and I conducted ourselves with the utmost deference during the entire process.

We did not engage in sexual activity, despite appearances to the contrary. Kissing was the only thing we did with each other. During the first five days of working on the show, I had my own bedroom and slept in a different bed “he added.

Their partnership appears to be flourishing, as seen by the fact that they have chosen to put their resources into one another rather than the partnerships they have held in the past. Also, read about Bob Saget.

In the penultimate episode of the season, both of them end their relationships with the partners they had been with up to that point; nevertheless, Jake does not accept April’s proposal of marriage.

Rae and Jake got back together. Jake decides to give Rae a ticket so that she can go anyplace in the world as an engagement present rather than a diamond.

Rae And Jake Relationship Changed In Reunion

Jake and Rae admit to everyone during the get-together that they never went on the trip. Rae stated that everyone involved had come to the conclusion that they required further time to recuperate.

Instead, Rae attempted to reconcile her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Zay. “Zay and I did make an effort to fix the situation. And in the end, that wasn’t something that worked out, but we did give it a shot, “It was explained by Rae. I made an effort to be more expressive with him, and I saw that after the presentation, he became a better communicator.

Are Rae And Jake Still Together

Zay and Rae fight about the specifics of what “making it work” meant when they are going over the events that took place on the show. According to Zay, Rae was there with him right as the show went off the air.

Rae vehemently refuted the notion that their former relationships “kept them back” from pursuing a new connection. Instead, they both made the “intentional choice” to decide to “backtrack,” which means they went in the opposite direction.

Is Rae Dating Another Person?

Rae adds that since her breakup with Zay and Jake, she has only been seeing one person, a woman whom she deems to be “wonderful.”

“I felt a strong connection with her, but we kept our interactions light and friendly. But I’m getting to know myself better, “Rae added.

Rae revealed her bisexuality to the other cast members through the use of this announcement. “For a very long period, the fact that I was bisexual made me feel quite uneasy. Since I’ve only been with one girl, everything about it has been wonderful “Rae stated. Vanessa said that she was “glowing,” and the cast enthusiastically clapped for her.

Zay mentioned that he has been trying to figure out what it is that he truly desires. Zay responded by saying, “I thought I knew, but I’m taking my time.”

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