Are Vinny and Akielia Still Together: Will They Return Next Season?

Are Vinny and Akielia Still Together: On the 9th of December in 2021, MTV aired the last episode of the third season of Double Shot at Love. After the conclusion of the series in 2021, viewers would be curious to find out who Vinny Guadagnino is seeing at that point in his life. Let’s get to the bottom of what happened between him and Akeila by conducting a more in-depth investigation.

Vinny’s search for love has taken him on a roller coaster ride full of highs and lows. The pioneer of Jersey Shore has dated a variety of women, including Alysse Joyner and Elicea Shyann, to name just a handful of them. As A Double Shot at Love moves into its third season, viewers are curious to learn whether or not he has found the one true love of his life.

Are Vinny and Akielia Still Together?

There was a long period after the end of filming Season 3 of Double Shot at Love during which Vinny and Akielia were forbidden to interact with one another in person. So, what is the current status of the two? Vinny and Akielia are not together at this time. Within 24 hours of the season finale airing, the Jersey Shore actor turned to social media to update fans on the status of his on-screen romance.

Vinny posted on his Instagram stories, “Seven months have passed since the filming of the finale you saw last night, but ‘AK’ and I have stayed in touch. We are not dating, but I now consider her a friend because she’s cool AF. He went on to say that he entered the season with an “open heart and mind,” hoping to meet his person.

The show’s format, according to Vinny, is to blame for the difficulty in finding a genuine connection between the contestants. “These love shots are crazy social experiments where you try to match people up in a few weeks,” he wrote. “And then [you’re] required to not physically see the person you picked for seven months (until the finale) so that you don’t give away the ending of the show.”

He went on, “I love that it entertains people.” “Also, it can be useful as a jumping-off point, but it is no guarantee of long-term love. My life doesn’t revolve around TV shows, and you can take my word for it. But I’m game to try anything once! ” Here’s hope Vinny’s sitcom is renewed by MTV for a fourth season so he may try his luck in the dating pool four times.

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Who is Vinny Guadagnino?

On “Jersey Shore,” Vinny Guadagnino, also known as Vinny G, charmed viewers worldwide with his kindness. The show filmed his summers with his seven housemates at a Seaside Heights, New Jersey, vacation home.

Guadagnino starred in all six seasons of “Jersey Shore” (2009–2012) before moving to scripted TV dramas including “90210” and “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.” “The Show with Vinny” premiered in 2013 with celebrities dining with Guadagnino and his family. “Vinny & Ma Eat America” on The Cooking Channel resulted.

Guadagnino joined The Jed Foundation, a nationwide charity that protects teens’ and college students’ mental health, in 2011. In “Control the Crazy,” he urges young folks to prioritize mental, physical, and emotional wellness. “The Keto Guido Cookbook: Delicious Meals to Get Healthy and Look Great,” Guadagnino’s second book, launched in 2019, offers keto-friendly recipes and health tips.

Are Vinny and Akielia Still Together

In 2018, he returned with most of his Jersey Shore castmates for “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” and revealed that he will feature opposite DJ Pauly D in MTV’s “A Double Shot at Love” revival. He returned to Chippendales as a celebrity guest presenter in 2019.

Who is Akielia Rucker?

According to the information provided in her bio on Instagram, Akielia is both a published model and a travel nurse. Additionally, Akielia was a guest star on Wild ‘N Out during seasons 15 and 16, respectively. A video of Akielia competing against Vinny in a game of basketball can be found in one of her postings on Instagram.

In the post about basketball, Akielia made a joking comment about how she and Vinny were doing something that was right up her alley because she played basketball in college. In addition to being a model, a travel nurse, and an accomplished basketball player, it would appear that Akielia has a strong relationship with her mother. In another one of her Instagram posts, Akielia shared a photo of herself looking very stunning, as though she were about to walk down a catwalk.

“My mommy always told me I was a star… My objective was to grow up and prove her correct,” says the remark that Akielia added to the photo that she shared on Instagram.

The Double Shot at Love article on Wikipedia states that Akielia is 28 years old at this point in her life. Moberly, Missouri is where she was born and raised. One of the final six competitors on Double Shot at Love Season 3, Akielia is one of the lucky ones.

Is There a Chance That They Will Return Next Season?

Vinny will be back for the next fifth season of “Jersey Shore,” and Akielia made her debut on “Wild ‘N’ Out” during the holiday episode. Vinny is also planning to make an appearance.

Akila is a follower of Vinny’s on Instagram, but Vinny isn’t following her at the moment. Akielia and Vinny’s friendship was damaged since they were never given the chance to spend time together throughout the show’s production, which ended months before the finish.

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