Are Will and Kyra Still Together: Where is Kyra Lizama Now?

Are Will and Kyra Still Together: Fans of Love Island USA are waiting to find out whether or if the pair Kyra and Will, who finished in second place, have remained together since the show’s finale. Even though Shannon and Josh quit the show halfway through, they may be the pair that has stayed in the villa the longest this season, but viewers still have reservations about them.

It comes after it was revealed that they had finished in second place during the conclusion of the 2021 season of Love Island USA, which had fans wondering whether or not they were still together. Reality Titbit has compiled all the most recent facts about Kyra and Will’s relationship, covering everything from their time together in the villa to the speculation of their fans.

Are Will and Kyra Still Together?

The third season of Love Island included a number of singles who lived together in a villa in Las Vegas. As you might expect, this led to the development of romantic connections between some of the contestants. Only two of the couples who were formed as a result of the event are still together to this day (four of the possible pairings made it to the final round).

Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein and Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada are the only two couples from Love Island USA Season 3 that are still together after the show’s conclusion, as reported by Life & Style Magazine. Throughout the course of the season, viewers hoped that Shannon and Josh would end up together, so the fact that they have chosen to remain together undoubtedly comes as a comfort to them. The couple went through a brief separation in June 2022, but they have since reconciled and are back together.

Kyra and Will’s relationship was one of the most dramatic ones to play out on Love Island USA. Following the conclusion of the reality series, the two momentarily parted ways. On the other hand, it looks like they’ve patched things up. They presently document their joint excursions on Instagram (@kywiadventures), which can be seen on their account.

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Who is Kyra Lizama?

Kyra Lizama, a 23-year-old Filipina-American from Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the youngest competitors this season. Some may believe, given her prolific social media output, that doing so would provide personal information about her or her loved ones; nevertheless, this is not the case. Kyra’s whole feed consists of pictures of her wearing different swimsuits and clothing and having fun at the beach or in the garden since she never shares any personal details. However, we do know that her mother comes from the Philippines and that she has an architect sister named Kristal Lizama.

Are Will and Kyra Still Together
Are Will and Kyra Still Together

Kyra attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California for her undergraduate education after graduating from Punahou School in 2015. She majored in psychology. So, Kyra is now both a full-time Staffing Analyst at Healthcare Staffing Professionals and a Covid-19 relief worker. Kyra has an Instagram account and was named “COED Girl of the Day” in 2020, both of which point to her desire to become a well-known celebrity in the entertainment business. Her participation in Love Island serves only to bolster this notion.

Who is Will Moncada?

Will Moncada works in the entertainment industry in the United States. The fact that he is the newest contestant on Love Island USA Season 3 has made him the focus of the media. There will be 12 people in the program, which will go by the name Islanders, and Will will be one of them. The candidates and cast members of Love Island are forced to live in close quarters in a lavish villa. In order to move further in the program, each Islander must develop romantic feelings for another cast member.

At 26, Will is still a young man. He has only given us a partial-birth date thus far. His horoscope sign can’t be determined because we don’t know when he was born. He was born in Columbia but now makes Hawaii his permanent home. Will is a naturalized American who was born and raised here. As far as we can tell, he’s White.

Will and Kyra Love Island Journey

Will and Kyra have been together for a longer period of time than any other couple now residing in the mansion, including Shannon and Josh, who have since left the dating program in the midst of its current season. On the other hand, things haven’t always gone swimmingly for them ever since Will had investigated the possibility of a relationship with Florence “Flo” Mueller while they were staying at Casa Amor.

Things haven’t always gone swimmingly for them ever since Will had investigated the possibility of a relationship with Florence “Flo” Mueller. Despite the fact that it was the last exam, he decided to stick around with Kyra because of the circumstances that were involved. He described the events that went place after he chose Kyra at the recoupling ceremony; nonetheless, this caused both fans and co-stars to believe that she had “lost herself” as a direct result of his choice.

However, she was able to brush these fears aside by focusing on the intimate relationship she had with Will. This was made possible because of the Dirty Laundry game, which pushed them to tackle certain trust challenges.

Where is Kyra Lizama Now?

Although Kyra Lizama was born and raised in the state of Hawaii, she currently makes her home in the city of Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California. She has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, and she makes frequent use of the site to post about her modeling profession, provide encouraging comments, and encourage talks about fitness. Additionally, Kyra is active on TikTok, where she has amassed more than 1,400 followers as of the time this article was written.

On the other hand, in her bio on that site, she reveals that she is “23 and attempting to learn how to use this app,” which makes it quite evident that she wishes to maintain a low profile in her endeavor. To put it succinctly, it would appear that she has her sights set on expanding the sphere of her power in some way. Aside from this, Kyra’s ultimate objective for her career is to receive a doctorate in clinical psychology.

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