Ashanti Net Worth 2022: Is She Famous Celebrity?

Ashanti Net Worth 2022: Is She Famous Celebrity? A singer and actress who hails from the United States, Ashanti has career earnings of $5 million. Ashanti has established herself as one of the most well-known women working in the music industry thanks to her phenomenally fruitful career. Her acting career is also quite impressive, and she has been credited for a number of noteworthy roles over the course of her career.


Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of Birth: Oct 13, 1980 (41 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.6 m)
Profession: Actor, Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Dancer, Composer
Nationality: United States of America

Ashanti Early Life

She goes by the full name Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas. On October 23, 1980, in Glen Cove, New York, she entered the world. Her mother was a dancer, and her father was a singer, so music is in the family’s blood. The Ashanti Empire, which controlled Ghana from 1670 to 1957, provided inspiration for her name. Ashanti enjoyed singing along with popular music much like many other young women her age. Ashanti’s mom first saw her daughter had potential when she was 12 and she was singing along to a Mary J. Blige song.

But Ashanti’s first steps into the spotlight were on the stage. When she was younger, she was a regular contributor to film sets and music videos as an extra. Although she had unquestionable singing talent, she struggled to launch her career. Even though she had interest from other studios, she was unable to “close a deal.” As a result, she began making connections at Murder, Inc. Records in an effort to get her name out there.

Ashanti Career

A producer at Murder, Inc. named Irv Gotti quickly saw what he could do with Ashanti. He frequently requested that she contribute rap hooks and vocals to his artists’ recordings. Ashanti’s breakthrough was inevitable once she was featured on songs by Big Pun and Cadillac Tah. The two massive successes that featured the teenage singer at the time marked that turning point.

The first was Fat Joe’s What’s Luv?, a smash hit from the early 2000s. “Always On Time” by Ja Rule was the second. Both songs were released simultaneously and immediately shot to the top of the charts. With this breakthrough, Ashanti’s career took off and people started wondering, “Who is this girl?”

Ashanti’s subsequent self-titled album was built on “Foolish,” which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for ten consecutive weeks and was released later that year. Her record debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and has since sold over six million copies around the world.  Ashanti received a Grammy in recognition of her success.

Ashanti began concentrating more on acting in 2005 when she was cast in the film Coach Carter. In the same year, she was also featured in The Wizard of Oz, starring the Muppets. She had a starring role in John Tucker Must Die in 2006 and then appeared in Resident Evil: Extinction the following year.

Ashanti Career
Ashanti Career

By 2008, Ashanti has released her fourth studio album, The Declaration. Unfortunately, record sales were far lower than her prior three efforts. However, the single “The Way That I Love You” made it to the second spot on the charts. She quit Murder, Inc. Records back in 2009. Although she and Irv Gotti never admitted to having a fight in public, their relationship was strained for quite some time.

Seeing as how the record wasn’t due out until 2014, Ashanti decided to return to acting in the meantime. A year after she first appeared on Army Wives, the show was canceled. She joined the cast for the seventh season in a recurring capacity. She also made guest appearances on Law & Order and Christmas in the City around the same time. Progressive music and uplifting lyrics earned Braveheart acclaim upon its 2014 release.

Ashanti’s musical output remained muted for the ensuing few years. There were exceptions, though, since she did work with other musicians at the period, most notably on “The Hamilton Mixtape.” Ashanti finally confirmed the suspicions and made it official in 2017 that her seventh studio album would be a joint effort with Ja Rule.

She resumed releasing music this year with the tune “Pretty Little Thing,” a collaboration with Afro B. At the same time, she was the film producer for a movie called Stuck.

Ashanti Personal Life

Nelly, a prominent rapper, was Ashanti’s boyfriend for a period of ten years. 2014 marked the end of the couple’s relationship, which had begun in 2004 and lasted until that year.

Ashanti Real Estate

Ashanti purchased a home in Old Westbury, New York, for the price of $1.95 million in the year 2003. She put this house up for sale in July 2022 with a price tag of $2.2 million. The house was constructed in 1999 and is on a lot that is 2 acres in size.

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