At&t Universal Credit Card Login Information, Payments and Customer Service Details

At&t Universal Credit Card Login: AT&T’s Universal Card series consists of three different credit cards. Good interest and savings opportunities are available with the Platinum card, discounts on other AT&T products and services are available with the Savings and Rewards card, and a points system can help you save money on business expenses with the Business card.

AT&T Universal Credit Cards

AT&T offers three main credit cards included in the Universal card range. The Platinum card has good interest and savings potential, the Savings and Rewards card gets you savings on other AT&T products and services, and the Business card has a points scheme to help save with business expenditures.

The amount of money you save with the AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Card is proportional to how much you spend. There is a 0.5% cash-back bonus on all purchases for the first $250 spent each month, 1% for the next $250–$750, and 1.5% for the next $750 and up. The first year of balance transfers is interest-free. Recurrent Account Transactions and Buying The variable annual percentage rate is $12.99%. In terms of interest, cash advances carry a whopping 25.24 percent.

A standard annual percentage rate (APR) might be as high as 12.99%. The Prime Rate will determine the maximum amount of interest that may be charged as the regular APR. All cash advances and balance transfers include a 3% or $5 transaction charge. There may be a late payment fee of up to $35, and the annual percentage rate (APR) may increase to 29.99% if payments are late.

Users of other AT&T services are eligible for rewards and perks with the AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards card. In the first year, you’ll earn a 10% discount for every dollar spent on qualifying services and products, and in the second year, you’ll get a 5% discount. You could have yearly savings of $350. A system of prizes to say “thank you” also applies.

The purchase interest rate is 15.99%, which may change with the Prime Rate. During the initial 12 months (4-month window), the standard 15.99% APR on balance transfers is waived. The annual percentage rate (APR) for cash advances is now 25.24%. There is a $35 late payment fee, and the APR can increase to 29.99% if payments or returns are late.

With the AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card, you may earn points on all of your business-related expenses, such as petrol and airfare. You may get either 5 or 3 points for every $1 spent. Promotional no-interest financing for the first six months. The standard purchase APR is 14.24%, and it varies. Borrowing money costs you a 21.99% annual percentage rate. The annual Percentage Rate (APR) varies based on Prime Rate.

All cash advances and balance transfers include a 3% or $5 transaction charge. There is a late fee of $15, $29, $39, or more, depending on the total amount owed.

at&t universal credit card login

At&t Universal Credit Card Login

Step 1: Open your browser

Launch your chosen web browser and open a new tab. For any monetary transactions, we recommend that you use a reliable and widely used internet browser, such as Chrome for Windows or Safari for Apple devices.

Step2: Go to AT&T universal card

  • Follow this LINK to visit the ATT&T universal card (Citi banking) webpage.
  • A link that takes you to the sign-in screen
  • Simply enter your Username and Password on the login page.
  • To finish up, just hit the Sign in button. You’ll be able to access the AT&T page successfully after logging in.

 Forgot the User ID on ATT universal card

Step 1: Go to the webpage

  • To access the password reset page, select “Forgot User ID” from the login screen.
  • First, decide what kind of account you want to open, and then enter the Primary Account Holder’s details to prove your identity.
  • People who use checking accounts, savings accounts, or credit cards
  • Input Card Number (Debit/ATM)

Step 3: Finish Reset

Click the continue button to complete. Make sure that your information is correct, you will reset it successfully

Forgot Password

Step 1: Go to the Reset page

  • To access the password reset page, select “Forgot Password” from the login page.
  • Select an account type and use the Primary Account Holder’s Information to verify your identity.
  • People who use checking accounts, savings accounts, or credit cards
  • Input Card Number (Debit/ATM)

Step 2: Finish Reset

To proceed, please press the Continue button. If you provide the right details, you will be able to reset it successfully.

Pay My AT&T Universal Card?

Pay Online:

You can access your AT&T account information and make payments to and from your account in an easy, convenient online setting through the company’s online account management system – Click the “Login Here” button below to access your AT&T Universal credit card account and make a payment, register for an account, view your statement, or make any other desired changes. You can pay with a direct debit, a bank transfer, a check, or the online service’s check option. Citigroup is the issuer of the AT&T credit card.

Pay by Phone:

Please call 800-288-2747 to make a credit card payment to AT&T.

Pay by Mail:

If you would like to pay your bill, please mail it to AT&T at P.O. Box 5080, Carol Stream, Illinois 60197-5080.

AT&T Credit Card Customer Service:

You may reach AT&T credit card services at (800) 288-2747. Dial 1-866-422-3091 if you need technical support. Here you can find the contact page where you may submit a long list of questions to the support staff.

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