Attack On Titan Chapter 138: Everything We Know So Far!

Attack on Titan is without a doubt one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world, and it has been lauded for more than a decade as it approaches its conclusion. And as the beloved anime nears its conclusion, the Chapter 138 release date has been announced with excitement but also with a sense of melancholy, as it marks another step toward the conclusion.

With the release of this chapter, we are only two episodes away from the conclusion of volume 34, which has already been scheduled for release on April 9th, 2021. Furthermore, there are high expectations for Attack on Titan chapter 138, as it appears to be a make-or-break chapter.

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What Information Do We Have On Attack On Titan Chapter 138?

Before you continue reading, we’d like to warn you that this section of the article contains spoilers based on fan theories. As a result, you may wish to pass it through.

As a result, it has been reported that we may see an inhuman-formed Zeke befuddled by his inability to locate himself. While her titans are still in the outside world, Ymir returns to paths and meets Eren. Levi injures his leg in the fall and is rendered immobile. On the other hand, Reiner is also severely injured in the explosion, but even after Armin rescues him, he dies shortly afterward.

Connie is captured by a titan and crushed in its jaws as Jean attempts to apprehend Pieck. However, after Falco eliminates the titan responsible for Connie’s death. On the other hand, as the Scouts fly into action, Falco’s titan is knocked out as well by another titan.

Following that, we may see Mikasa, Jean, and Pieck fighting for their lives as Ymir narrates the beginning of a new world. As a result, Amin convinces him that he is losing his faith and that everyone’s death represents the possibility of a new world as well. As a result, he sustains injuries from bone fragments. Additionally, keep in mind that none of those spoilers have been officially confirmed and are merely fan theories.

Story/ Plot of Attack On Titan Chapter 138

During the events of Chapter 138, it is revealed that Eren was able to survive the explosion caused by Armin’s change into Colossal Titan. Jean, Connie, and the other Eldians on Fort Slava are transformed into Mindless Titans as a result of the Hallucigenia’s influence. He then begins to combat Armin.

Cast Of Attack On Titan Chapter 138

  • Karina Braun
  • Falco Grice/Jaw Titan
  • Pieck Finger/Cart Titan
  • Gabi Braun
  • Jean Kirstein
  • Connie Springer
Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Cast
Attack On Titan Chapter 138 Cast

When is the release date for Attack on Titan chapter 138?

On 9th March 2021, this new chapter 138 of the Attack on Titan manga will be released. You may watch it at the following times:

Chapter 138 Time Zones of Publication:

  • 7 a.m. Pacific Time
  • 9 a.m. Central Time; 10 a.m. Eastern Time
  • 3 p.m. British Standard Time
  • 4 p.m. European Time
  • Pakistani time is 8:00 PM.
  • 8:30 p.m. in India
  • Japan time is 12:00 a.m.
  • Korea Time is 12:00 a.m.
  • Central Australia Time: 1: 30 a.m.

Before we conclude, we’d like to suggest that you take a look at how to watch the Attack on Titan anime series in order, particularly if you’re new to the series or are perpetually confused about how to watch them all in the correct order.

Spoilers Of Attack On Titan Chapter 138

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 spoilers and chapter breaks have been released on the internet. Nothing, on the other hand, has been confirmed. It’s impossible to know whether the AOT 138 spoilers that have leaked are fake or genuine, so we’ll refer to them as “unsubstantiated” or “unverified” gaps from now on.

Continue at your own risk because there may be potential Attack on Titan Chapter 138 spoilers, plot gaps, and a tale recap in the pages to follow.

Trailer Of Attack on Titan chapter 138



Now that we have considered all of the choices, it is time to reach a decision. It is quite possible that the other universe theory is correct. In addition, there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence that that is the case, and Isayama may very possibly utilize it as the conclusion of Attack on Titan. However, for me, it would completely undermine the world-building and complicated storyline that he had worked on for the previous decade.

What if it was all just a carefully constructed and thought-out reality by a 15-year-old boy? While the parallel universe theory has a large number of supporters, it is one of the possible endings that I, like an Attack on Titan fan, would prefer not to see. As a result, I would absolutely not want Mikasa’s dream from chapter 138 to make any reference to it.

The Time Loop theory is something I came up with to explain why Eren had seen the same dream as Mikasa but Mikasa had not. It goes without saying that there will be multiple obvious flaws in it when one reads it. In addition, there are numerous versions of the time-loop idea already existing in the fanbase.

I made every effort to be as neutral as possible in laying out all of the possibilities that Mikasa’s vision from chapter 138 could point to. I’d be delighted if Isayama is able to pull off a flawless time-looping trick. If Mikasa’s vision is simply her picture of a perfect life, I’d be content with it as a satisfactory conclusion. After all, it appears that we will have to wait another month before receiving any definitive answers.

Final Words:

What are your thoughts on Mikasa’s visions and headaches in the most recent chapter? Do you agree with them? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area!

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