Austin ISD Conservators Will Soon Be Appointed By The Texas Education Agency

In light of the Austin Independent School District’s shortcomings in providing special education services to its children, the Texas Education Agency said on Friday that it will take action to appoint conservators to oversee the district.

In a statement, the TEA claimed that after looking into the district’s special education division, it had discovered that it had “systemic difficulties.”

According to the statement, “The Agency has prepared a rigorous plan for AISD to undertake so it may return to state and federal compliance and resume appropriately serving students who need special education services as soon as feasible.”

In a statement released Friday night, the board of trustees of Austin ISD stated that conservators chosen by the TEA will collaborate with the district to offer special education services to kids with disabilities. The board also stated that the district has the option to challenge the conservatorship, albeit it made no mention of this option.

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“We are centered on our pupils and look forward to working with TEA to complete the overdue evaluations. We are all focused on making sure that every student receives the help they require when they require it “The sentence was read.

The board intends to discuss the conservatorship and take questions from the public at a public meeting on Monday night.

The Texas Education Agency gave The Texas Tribune access to the investigation’s final report into Austin ISD.

The agency said that the district had failed to identify pupils who required special education services and to offer such programs to those students who qualified for them. Despite being put on an improvement plan, the district didn’t make any substantial improvements, according to the study.

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